GAS-ACTUATED RELAYS BUCHHOLZ TYPE . The new Comem Buchholz relay is an assembly of two machined aluminium alloy castings that effect a perfect. GAS-ACTUATED RELAYS COMEM TYPE. The range: 2. BG 25 H. Weight kg. Minimum clearance to remove the mecanism from the body. Min. The Buchholz relay also takes over the function of an oil level indicator when there The MSafe® Buchholz relay impresses with its robust construction in which.

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The assembly of the movable device to the frame 25 accordingly occurs by snap action after the ends 36 of the pivot 35 have moved along the guides 46, by insertion and consequent locking in the seats If this happens, the flow vane switches the reed.

Sticky label 90 X 52 with white background and black Trip circuit Trip circuit Codice: Go to myABB Logout. In order to reopen the contact, the flap must be returned to the normal position by means of a suitable pushbutton arranged on the cover of the relay.

Comem eBR – Buchholz relays (Pressure and flow devices) | ABB

Leakage current, arcing, buchhoz, loss of insulating liquid or excessively high flow rates can generate gas and affect transformer performance. OR relay Promptly detect leakages from Energized Tap Changers oil compartment to the oil conservator.

Said limit is usually set by standards or by the user, so that the manufacturer must produce different relays depending on the setting of the flap. The Buchholz relay must be applied at the highest point of the transformer and below the expansion vessel, which is commonly known as conservator, and must be filled with oil during normal operation.

Descrizion 2 3 Trip circuit Codice: Please try again later or go to https: It is evident that the adjustment of the movable flap device 33 is of the discrete type and must be studied accurately as a function of the size and number of the detachable portions 45, in order to make the relay 16 conveniently sensitive to oil currents.

Next Patent Protective circuit s BR Internal gas accumulation and oil flow are monitored and kept under control by the Coem relay. The distribution of these gases can be related to the type of electrical fault, and the rate of gas generation can indicate the severity of the fault.


In some cases it is convenient to appropriately tilt the transformer in order to ensure that the Buchholz relay assumes the highest position on the transformer.

Unfortunately, the resulting flap is enormously impaired by the fact that it is monolithic with the lower floater; moreover, adjustment performed in the above-mentioned manner is inaccurate and sometimes difficult to provide in practice. Thanks to its digital interface, Comem eBR continuously monitors two crucial parameters to ensure correct transformer performance: A fundamental advantage achieved with the present invention is that a Buchholz relay has been provided which, without having to differentiate the production process, allows end users to choose the degree of sensitivity of intervention of the relay in the presence of oil currents.

As a routine test all castings are tested by injecting ambient air at 2.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. The relay 16 is constituted by a hermetic body 17 which is preferably made of cast aluminum alloy and in which inspection ports 18 gelay formed preferably made of tempered glass and provided with graduated scales When gas forms inside the transformer, said gas, which tends to escape upward, accumulates inside the relay, lowering the level of the oil; this lowering is detected first by the upper floater, which accordingly operates the alarm circuit, and if the accumulation of gas continues it is then detected by the lower floater, which is directly connected to the circuit for disconnecting the transformer from the comwm supply line.

Relay – Comem

Student Agreement I verify that I have read and understand the. Partial discharges, leakage currents, hot spots and arcing are phenomena that contribute to degradation of oil insulating performances by generating dangerous gas flow inside the transformer tank.

The circuit breakers are tripped and the transformer is de-energized. Login to myABB There was a problem with your request. Go to worldwide contacts. Inside the relay 16 there is provided a frame, preferably made of plastics, in an upward region whereof holes 26 are defined for engaging the cover 20 by means of fixing screws which are not shown in the above figures for comrm sake of simplicity.


Navigate Search Login layouts-flyoutmenu-cart. Transformer 10 is provided with a Buchholz relay, according to the invention, which is designated by the reference numeral 16 and is integrated between the transformer and the expansion vessel In case the oil flow buchhozl exceed the pre-set value, the the flow vent operates and switch the trip contact. This switch normally will operate a circuit breaker to isolate the apparatus before the fault causes additional damage.

The sides 39 are parallel and are kept together by relwy tubular support 40 which protrudes monolithically from them with an axis which is comrm to the pivot A certificate to this effect is supplied with the unit.

RELÉ, BUCHHOLZ Ref.: BRML-0 V=1M/S (COMEM) | Spares in Motion

The flow relay detects a failing transformer. Another important object of the present invention is to provide a Buchholz bufhholz whose assembly is simple with respect to conventional relays. The relay 16 according to claim 1, characterised in that said movable flap device 33 is made of plastics.

Lightning impulse withstand voltage kV peak Between circuits and earth 2 4 Across open contacts 1 3 Tests Type test: The terminal box cover 1 is fixed to the terminal box with 4 unloosable screws.

The movable device of the flap type 33 is preferably made of plastics.

Remote testing possibility At any time the MSafe can be triggered via a compressed air line to test its readyness of operation. In order to detect the presence of strong oil currents, the Buchholz relay is provided with a suitably adjusted flap which is sensitive to the flow-rate of the oil current and is also connected to the circuit for disconnecting the transformer from the power supply.

The gas can in fact, in a first case, originate from outside and be introduced through the circulation pumps or, as an alternative, it can be the result of the decomposition of the liquid or solid insulators caused by overheating or by the onset of electric arcs.