An underemployed, skateboarding party animal, Colby Buzzell traded a dead- end future for the army–and ended up as a machine gunner in Iraq. To make. An underemployed, skateboarding party animal, Colby Buzzell traded a dead- end future for the army—and ended up as a machine gunner in Iraq. To make. “The experience of war has produced some extraordinary writing, classics of reporting and memoir. My War is destined to join that list. Colby Buzzell, a young .

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My library Help Advanced Book Search. At times I was laughing, bored, and scared to death and experiencing many of the same emotions Colby had lived through. Thompson and it shows. Buzzell exhibits a Henry Miller-like talent for the memorable character sketch.

It’s incredibly readable and immensely down to earth. But he’s also a much better writer than most of the guys I went to high school with. By the eighth month in Iraq, Colby was tired. If all you’ve got in your story is a bunch of things that happened to you, Godspeed.

Buzzell has told the stories many byzzell to ignore.

I co,by this book almost two years ago for a Humanities class and fell in love with it. Welcome to Fort Lewis. Buzzell has a great sense of humor, and his writing is self-deprecating, as he mocks himself for his nerdy blogging.


Colby Buzzell is a California slacker turned soldier turned professional writier. At first, it threw me off.

He toys with the idea of protesting the war, but not because he’s decided he’s against it. This is seriously a badass and hysterical book! Times Magazine “Funny, often surreal “What the!

Nothing high flung about it. Killing Time in Iraq The way in which a punk-rock skateboarder navigated the Army gives him a compelling voice and take on the Iraq killimg.

My War: Killing Time in Iraq

Buzzell discovers all too well the truth of that old saying, “War is long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror. Mike Strobl’s simple story about escorting a dead Marine’s remains back to his Wyoming hometown is set against peaceful, unpopulated footage of the locations, ending with the dead soldier’s grave.

But neither does he hide his fear when his platoon is ambushed. Having picked up a used copy of this one from a charity stall, I hadn’t intended to read it immediately but got sucked in and finished it ahead of the other two or three books I was half way though. In My War, he records his experiences with a mixture of irreverence and awe, like a latter day Holden Caufield who suddenly finds himself behind enemey lines” – The Big Issue U.


Quite possibly one of my favourite wartime autobiographies from this century. Trapped in guerrilla warfare, urban-style in Mosul, Iraq, Buzzell was struck by the bizarre, absurd, often frightening world surrounding him. Throughout the stories, he raises pertinent questions about the struggles veterans face Buzzell is fairly conservative–more libertarian than left leaning in his views.


It is recommended to junior officers and NCOs who want to understand buzzelll new type of soldiers they are leading into combat Soon enough he got so much crap from the military superiors about his blog- he stopped writing. Also, I was able to look up some things the author mentioned and that made the book more real for me. He makes no bones about putting on hard core music before going out in his Stryker to “secure” an area.

This book has both excerpts from his blog and his memories of his military experience. The journal became a blog. Some of the accounts were inspiring while others were a bit disheartening.