Warhammer 40, Codex Black Templars. Version Nickname. Fourth edition. Alternate Names. Version Publisher. Games Workshop Ltd. Version Artist. The Black Templars are THE largest loyalist (“codex following”) chapter, . the back of the 4th edition Codex: Black Templars, the deployment map totals greater . The Black Templars use to have their own codex back in 4th and 5th edition ( someone will correct me if I’m wrong XD). But they have since.

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No additional import charges on delivery. Although they don’t need swords that much They can deal with all other sorts of battlefield situations using the Special Issue Ammo. But when you factor in normal redeployment over the years that number isn’t very helpful as many of those crusades were finished by the time others arose. This way of life also honours their original Founding Legion, the Imperial Fists, who were a mobile Chapter based upon the great mobile Star Fortress known as Phalanx.

But we’re not done yet. Back to home page. Promoted to the rank of High Marshal Chapter MasterSigismund swore an oath “to prove his loyalty, never resting in the prosecution of his duties against the enemies of the Emperor. So if you already have an ADL at home, don’t bother with this. We may receive commission if your application for credit is successful.

However, if you as a BT player already have a Vindicator and Predator Annihilator in your arsenal, along with a Las or Plasma Cannon or two distributed among your army maybe one on your dread? Subject to credit approval. You just have to declare which one you’ll be using before rolling hits. While 6th edition thus made Kraken rounds more dangerous, it diminished the reach of the Vengeance rounds somewhat.

Lastly, I would also like to remind SM players that Devastators have significantly dropped in price compared to the editio SM codex. A combi-flamer thus does its job pretty nicely and you get to keep that extra bolter with the special issue ammo. The Black Templars are crusaders, holy warriors battling to bring the truth and light of the Emperor to the unconquered worlds of the galaxy. Some squad members may carry more specialised weaponry, such as Plasma GunsFlamers or mighty Power Codeex.


Learn More – opens in a new window or tab Any international postage is paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. For which weapon you decide at the end of the day, is up to you.


Not only this, but the option of giving it a Heavy-Flamer turret is gone now. While Rhinos are “dedicated” transports, i. Personally, I’ll stick to the safe Grav Guns and against light infantry, I always have the bike’s twin-linked bolters. A squad of Black Templars step out of their Drop Pod and march towards battle.

But they have since been incorporated into the regular Space Marine codex, but given their own chapter tactics and stratagems, alongside three hq choices and their own unique troops choice; the crusader squad.

Perhaps these Battle-Brothers were the most recently recruited teemplars the old Legion, their raw zeal yet to be blaco by the experience born of duty for which the Imperial Fists were so honoured. The Stormtalon is another new addition to the Black Templars armory – a cheap flyer with a good AV all around! The codxe MLs are also good against vehicles and MCs with 4 S8 AP3 krak missiles and lastly also pack a editionn punch against infantry with 4 small blast markers and to top it all off, are also safe to fire unlike the Plasma Cannonsso you can see why they are the costliest option as they really are a tournament-worthy jack of all trades, useful when you don’t know what you will be facing.

Frequently bought together Feedback on our suggestions – Frequently bought together. However, only models – not units – benefit temlpars these 6″ bubbles.

I can see the Teeth of Terra being the weapon of choice for a Chapter Master on Bike, racing toward the enemy and trying to engage his core units all by his lonesome. Personally, I’d spend 45 points more and kit them out with Typhoon Missile Launchers instead – 6 small blast markers coming from a unit will do more damage against infantry than 9 shots, and 6 S8 AP3 krak missiles mean deition squadron can get very dangerous toward enemy Monstrous Creatures AND tanks as well, and all from afar.


Select a valid country. The combi-flamer goes in nicely with an all-out Bolter loadout for the squad, so they dont need to charge and can instead rapid-fire the target squad to oblivion and roast the stragglers.

Black Templars

Good luck getting past a Grav Cannon volley and the CM in cc. If you don’t, it’s up to you whether hemplars want to buy this tank or purchase an ADL.

Sell one like this. None Royal Mail International Tracked.


Trenton, New Jersey, United States. In range of pesky Eldar Rangers hiding in cover? So that’s less wounds being dealt than what Assault Terminators are receiving.

Thunder Hammer costs a wee bit more, but can bonk survivors on the head and make them receive a concussion, just like in the old Codex, which is very helpful against MCs. For 15 more points on top of the servo harness, you get an additional wound, an additional attack, an additional ballistic skill, and he takes up an HQ slot.

Since that edigion, the Black Templars have been on the longest Crusade the Imperium of Man has ever known to prove their loyalty to the Emperor of Mankind. Coyote81 Veteran Inquisitorial Tyranid Tejplars. But I’ll expand on this later in the Land Speeder Storm section. Warhammer Fantasy Army book lot. Tekplars have the same AV as a Cdoex, so their paper-thin hull doesn’t allow you to fully make use of the main armament, given that pretty much anything can get past their armor.

What is GW ‘s logic behind this?