Welcome to the new version: Cobian Backup 11, Gravity; AES encryption (, to” error; A brand new, improved help file and tutorial; And MUCH more. You can run Cobian Backup as either an application or a Windows service. In this tutorial we will examine installing the program as a service. The following tutorial is provided as just one of many possible methods, using just one possible Cobian Backup is a versatile freeware backup program, and is.

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Full copies to keep can be set to 2 or greater. This can be used to schedule backups for a certain time, to compress the file sand even to encrypt the files for more security.

Cobian Backup – What’s new

Under Events you can open or close programs before or after the backup. Q- Please, I want the program to make a mirror.

If you do it yourself, manually copying and pasting, then it won’t seem like the problem is with the program! However I get a message saying that there are some errors. Your webmaster probably should troubleshoot this for you.

If the engine is present, you may be experimenting problems with your permissions. The latter is useful, for example when an external device is not currently connected to your computer.

Please, read also the document Backup theory to learn about backups, permissions, etc. To create a new backup, we need to create a new backup task that will allow us to configure what files are being backed up and various configuration settings.


All the files are stored in ini files. Here are the basic problems that you will find after restoring from a sequence of incremental backups and then inspecting the results: This can happen if the password of the account turorial is running the service has changed.

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Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In which language was Cobian Backup created? I get a message that says that the engine is not found There are several possibilities here.

Installing the program as tutoriall service, I get an error in the log file. Please don’t ask me about this.

Cobian Backup Tutorial

When ready to proceed click on Next button. If anything to do with the software makes a backup slow, then it’s scanning files beforehand and checking the integrity of the backup. When the non-technical office manager needs to do a restore, he doesn’t need to understand the backup software and restore process.

To gutorial Cobian Backup, right-click on the icon located on your taskbar and select the Open option. How do I do?

Cobian Backup Tutorial | Computer Helpers from Boreham Library

Its source code was later released under the Mozilla Public License in late January Under the Archive tab, you can select the compression type i. It’s fast and full of many advanced options, or just plain simple if the user prefers.


The program uses the archive bit of the file’s attribute to decide if the file has been changed and there is a need to backup the file. One of the most important things a user can do to keep their computer secure is make sure they are using the latest security updates for Windows and their installed programs.

This is not going to be formal, and it is intended for students, faculty and staff, whether you are backing up your computer on campus or your personal computer. For example, I have one subdirectory called Versions in every folder.

Cobian Backup is a 32 bit application and, on 64 bit systems it must run under WOW This is the final mandatory step. During the setup, you can switch to one of over a dozen languages via a menu on the left-hand side at any time.

A backup program is useless if you can’t restore your data, and while backups are handled relatively well by Cobain, restores are not.