Cnemidocoptes gallinae, the depluming mite, the itch mite: worldwide. Cnemidocoptes mutans, the scaly leg mite: worldwide. Epidermoptes. 2,3 (also known as Knemidokoptes and Cnemidocoptes) is a genus in the pilae, Knemidocoptes jamaicensis, and Knemidocoptes mutans. The scaly-leg mite of poultry has been studied under various names. The principal ones are: Sarcopies mutans by Robin and Lanquetin (); Sarcoptes.

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To prevent the infestation of mite-free poultry houses it is essential to keep wild birds away.

NADIS – National Animal Disease Information Service

The gapeworm lives in the trachea of a bird and when eggs are laid, they are coughed up and excreted to infect the next chicken. Stress can alter the delicate balance and allow the intestinal worms to proliferate.

There are also reports on northern fowl mite populations resistant to acaricides.

Transmission is by direct contact between the birds. Herbal products for control do not seem to be consistently effective.

Clinical signs will include the bird having distorted legs and claws and may appear lame. Retrieved from ” https: Cnemidocoptea are no licensed products to control Cnemidoclptes Fowl mite, but DM can of course be applied to a chicken no withdrawal time for eggs if affected.

I agree to the terms and conditions. They burrow into the skin creating moulting pockets and undergo two nymphal stages before reaching maturity. Scaly leg mite causes intense irritation by burrowing under the scales of the leg, producing at first a whitish film and then mounds of white or pale yellow debris firmly attached to the leg. There are a number of old parasiticides for the treatment of the hiding places against Dermanyssus mites.


Some powder sticks to pellets but the rest has a tendency to migrate to the bottom of the feeder, so the adding a small amount of vegetable oil to cnemidocooptes pellets first, sticks the powder.

Part 4 – External and Internal Parasites of Chickens

They can also survive without a meal for mutajs, and if you enter a hen house which has been empty for some time and you get covered from head to toe in tiny grey specks, these are very hungry red mite.

When the wild birds leave their nests, hungry mites move into the buildings searching a prey, and they will attack any human they find.

They have a stumpy legged appearance as their coxa are sunk into the body and a U-shaped chitinous bar found behind the head.

In very high populations the mites may feed on their hosts also during the day. Toxicity appears very low. Workers and visitors of poultry houses can also carry mites on cloths and footwear. Home Mites Poultry Mites.

The entire life cycle takes nutans on a single host and takes between 14 and 21 days to complete. Email alerts New issue alert. Whereas one bird in a cage cnemidoxoptes be infested, other birds in the same cage may be not.


Action needs to be taken speedily when yellow diarrhoea is seen as birds can die in a couple of days. The bird will often not eat and will appear to lose weight.

Adults and nymphs usually attack the birds at night and suck blood. The most relevant species are:.

Cnemidocoptes mutans | definition of Cnemidocoptes mutans by Medical dictionary

This problem can become a serious issue: Silica gel dusts cause dessication of the mites and can reduce their populations in poutry houses. It occurs worldwide in regions with temperate climate. These tiny worms, also known as hair worm, live in the intestine.

If selling eggs for human consumption, Flubenvet may be used without withdrawal provided it is below 30 ppm the 60g tub has no withdrawalbut cmemidocoptes negates the effect against tapeworm. Thank you for submitting a comment on this article. It is nocturnal and sucks the blood of the hens at night, making it comparatively easy to control, if you are looking for it.