DECLARATION prohibited by legislation or by postal or customs regulations CN Commercial sample. Size 74 x mm, white or green. Quantity and. In this guide we’re going to be talking about has ship orders with royal mail that requires cm22 customs form please know this video only covers items worth . A Customs Declaration (CN22) is a customs document, used during international trade activities when goods are being transported overseas.

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The aim here is to be able to auto-attach forn Customs Label for overseas territories, where the parent country doesn’t need one eg. However, this manual procedure may lead to a significant delay in the delivery of the package. Usually it depends on the destination country and the declared Customs value of the goods.

Selling Overseas – How to cope with your first international order

You can also find this information for free if you look at the customs page for the government you are sending the item to, but it does take a bit of delving.

Handmade Ceramic Bowl — Mecki Allen. Writing out, tearing off, sticking, calculating, writing again – this can take about 5 minutes per package, is prone to error, and is an unnecessary time-sink.

Parcl uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Carl Coysh from LiveMoor. Give a detailed description of the items in your package, e. If the country of destination requires three or more copies, the form can be downloaded below. Grows with your business Zenstores is designed to compliment your workflow and make providing a great delivery experience easier.


Price was on the higher side, but in the end it was definitely worth it for the service I got, the quality of the packaging and the excellent state in which the product arrived at my door. She is the best in Canada I will definitely use her services in the future!

Zenstores makes shipping with CN22 & CN23 forms easier

What is Delivered At Terminal? Martina January 26, – 1: Comments are off this post.

Once you’ve setup the options to suit your store, the labels will match your usual way of writing them. You may also like. Get our superpowered newsletter! Who should fill out the Customs declaration Under Customs law, importer is legally responsible for the information on the declaration; therefore it is in their interest to ensure, wherever possible, that the sender abroad completes the declaration accurately and in full.

EMS serial number search. Can autoCN22 filter countries that don’t need the label? Why become a forwarder at Parcl? JoSara — the mosaic artist encouraging wildlife and bringing joy to gardeners. Ceramic Berry Bowl — Jude Allman. You can get a CMR template from: Moogento is helping companies like yourstoday. Comparison sites like Parcel Monkey can be useful for finding the best rates.

If the shopper wants to do this, they will need to ensure the sender clearly marks the Customs declaration form CN22 or CN23 ‘goods to be Customs cleared by the importer’. I have one question- should the weight be of the individual item without any box or packaging included? Correctly specify the package contents category.


However, the importer shopper can choose to go through Customs clearance procedures on their own if they wish. Find genuine reviews left by shoppers for forwarders who helped them with delivery. Be sure to mention if the contents are subject to quarantine or other restrictions. The CN22 form makes it easy for customs in the country of destination to process the parcel.

Print CN22 & CN23 customs forms faster | Zenstores Features

What is Cost and Freight? Zenstores connects your online stores to your shipping providers.

Connect with us Facebook Twitter Tumblr Instagram. Each label element is configurable and positionable. If you use Parcl to fill out the Customs declaration, you may download and print out the completed CN22 and CN23 forms.

The Post Office have these ready for you to fill in, or they can give you a roll of sticky forms to fill in later, or you can print them yourself. No more wasted time writing out CN22 labels for countries which don’t need them. Customize the label color Set the label background color or keep it white.

Some fom or regions require three or more copies. The weight of a ring without the ring box.

Therefore, the declaration must be completed fully and legibly, or there may be a delay and inconvenience for the addressee.