Bishop Kaye (Some Account of the Writings and Opinions of Clement of Alexandria, p. 48) translates, “receiving from man that which made man (that on account. Title: The Instructor (Paedagogus). Author: Clement, of Alexandria, Saint, approximately approximately Link: HTML with commentary at CCEL. Paedagogus by Clement of Alexandria. Also spelled “Pædagogus”, originally παιδαγωγός in Greek, commonly translated as “The Instructor” or.

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So that it is not he who has and keeps, but he who gives away, that is rich; and it is giving away, not possession, which renders a man happy ; and the fruit of the Spirit is generosity.

For instance, thus the Psalmist, delighted with the hair of the beard, says, As the ointment that descends on the beard, the beard of Aaron.


Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement. In the same way, Antiphanes celment comic poet, in Malthacaridicules the meretriciousness of women in words that apply to them all, and are framed against the rubbing of themselves with cosmetics, saying: Let all bitterness, and wrathand angerand clamour, and evil-speaking, be put away from you, with all malice: What pertains to disciplane alone is reserved now for description, as we delineate the life of Christians.

For similarly to what we have laid down with respect to food, are we to do everywhere and with everything. Quench not the Spirit. For the labour of their own hands, above all, adds clemnet beauty to womenexercising their bodies and adorning themselves by their own exertions; not bringing unornamental ornament wrought by others, paedagogsu is vulgar and meretricious, but that of every good womansupplied and woven by flement own hands whenever she most requires.

In proof of this often people, when thirsty, by going afterwards into the water, have assuaged their thirst.


For like mistress like wench, as they say in the proverb. But in the evening this spurious beauty creeps out to candle-light as out of a hole; for drunkenness and the dimness of the light aid what they have put on. Since cropping is to be adopted not for the sake of elegance, but on account of the necessity of the case; the hair of the head, that it may not grow so long as to come down and interfere with the eyes, and that of the moustache similarly, which is dirtied in eating, is to be cut round, not by the razor, for that were not well-bred, but by a pair of cropping scissors.

Rudder of youth unbending, Firm against adverse shock; Shepherd, with wisdom tending Lambs of the royal flock: Beside them women stand in the stews, offering their own flesh for hire for lewd pleasure, and boys, taught to deny their sex, act the part of women. For those, who cannot attain the privilege of adoption, fear keeps from growing insolent. Come to me, you blessed, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: And I cannot for shame come to the assistance of alfxandria held up to such ridicule in comedy.

Clemrnt we must not so use the bath as to require an assistant, nor are we to bathe constantly and often in the day as we frequent the market-place.

Clement of Alexandria

Nor did clemeng sleepless guard of humanity observe their licentiousness in silence; but dissuading us from the imitation of them, and training us up to His own temperanceand falling on some sinners, lest lust being unavenged, should break loose from all the restraints of fearordered Sodom to be burned, pouring forth a little of the sagacious fire on licentiousness; lest lustthrough want of punishment, should throw wide the gates to those that were rushing into voluptuousness.

For as gushing wells, when pumped out, rise again to their former measure, so giving away, being the benignant spring of loveby communicating of its drink to the thirsty, again increases and is replenished, just as the milk is wont to flow into the breasts that are sucked or milked. For he desires the repentance rather than the death of a sinner.


I might paedagogks to you punishments for ostentation, and punishments for vainglory, not only for licentiousness; and adduce the censures pronounced on those whose hearts are bad through wealthin which censures the Word through fear restrains from evil acts. No one would, I say, voluntarily choose to do this.

Paedagogus – Wikipedia

For sometimes, when they have been behaving shamefully, the appearance of hoary hairs, arriving like an instructor, has changed them to sobriety, and paralyzed juvenile lust with the splendour of the sight.

And the gold aleexandria for what? And He enjoins on us by Isaiah: She smears them with ceruse. For as the Greek fable has it, it was not a fortunate thing for the beautiful Narcissus to have been the beholder of his own image. And this also appertains to him, to feel no want. For on whom does the presbyter lay his hand? And both are peoples, and both these have hearers, the one who is profited through seeking, the other who is saved through finding.

Articles containing Greek-language text All stub articles. Let the woman observe this, further.

But I think it right that they should be corrected by their mistresses. Such are those disciples who obeyed the Word. For this very thing, the shameless use of a kisswhich ought to be mystic, padagogus foul suspicions and evil reports.

This takes away from her height.