Derek Blasberg on How to Be Classy. A New York social butterfly believes that in today’s age of tasteless pseudo-celebrity, it’s time for a. Derek Blasberg is a writer, editor and New York Times best-selling author. humorous essays about modern etiquette called “Classy: Exceptional Advice for the. Derek Blasberg is Classy. We live in an era in which Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery escapades make the evening news, Gossip Girl characters.

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Practical advice for coming into adulthood and updated advice on being a courteous guest, employee and friend. I think you’re a “trashy” girl for writing this garbage. Refresh and try again. Although definitely a guidebook opposed to a novel, it was still very engaging. I only begged to differ from Derek Blasberg’s commentary on a few small points. Return to Book Page. Why is each section so long?! In conclusion, I would strongly recommend this book to girls below year-old, particularly those in high schools and universities.

Blasberg, who throughout his writing speaks to why he has the authority to write these things and finally by the end reveals how he got from one place to another, makes a number of really great points. Gyms are for exercise, not cleavage. While this is understandably annoying to some readers and to me sometimesI felt that this made him realistic and relatable I mean, who wouldn’t tell everyone about the time Gwenyth Paltrow invited them to dinner?

I would have felt way more better, mostly when you know how apparence can get so important in France. Blasberg was born in St.

Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady

Of course, the book also talks about being a classy young lady on the outside. This book is great and not preachy at all. And my chronic fatigue syndrome prevents me from working out at the gym or keeping the house dust-free and tidy, so I did feel he was a little out of touch with the common person for instance by recommending travelling coach to save money I wouldn’t consider any other option. Derek Blasberg is a man with a mission – smack some class without losing all the sass into the modern, young female.


May 03, Christy Cole rated it it was amazing. I’m so grateful to not be the target audience for this book. Derek Blasberg is wickedly funny and honest, just keep in mind its ferek his opinion.

It’s a breeze and easy to read compared to “Pretty Horses. Derek Blasberg is clasey with more brilliant commentary on what makes a lady truly classy. I guess because he believes he can; he constantly knit-picks at every little thing. He is also the founder of www. The only con I can think of this book is that because it’s not such a prestigious book it’s easy to fall out of it.

Very Classy

And he made a heads-up about designer knock-offs. To ask other readers questions about Classyplease sign up. Usually i read above and beyond this week was so crazy and busy. Apr 17, Lynx rated it it was ok. Derek Blasberg gives detailed and valuable advice on becoming a modern day young lady. It has some good tips and interesting references and quotes, but the writing is a bit exaggerated and some of the advice was obvious.

I don’t think “Very Classy” will replace “Classy” on my gift giving list, but for those looking to read it instead of “Classy”, go for it. It’s a fun, simple read. Frankly, the author is so enamored with himself and his A through D list friends that he blasberrg have cohesive message beyond, “be my idea of a lady, dammit!

I dont think im going to attempt to read two books at a time anymore since i cant enjoy them as much as id like too. So this week i read at dsrek 4 out of the 7 days and at least 30 or more minutes each day. Jan 17, Aly rated it it was ok.


An American fashion writer, editor and New York Times bestselling author. The quizzes were light relief from the information, and it is good that there are a lot of photographs and some illustrations throughout to break up the text. You must pick up this book knowing that it instructs you on how to be Blasberg’s definition of ‘classy’. After a couple weeks, i still found it just as intreging as it was once before.

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Nov 12, Sophia Sun P. Moreover, this book is the kind that you can read for a while in the car, or for a few moments during a work break because it is not a blasbeg.

Good luck to the reader with the patience to actually ignore my comments and form their own opinions, but the author’s attitude is not appreciated for a 21st century time period. There’s something about drunken girls that just says “Make out with me.

Very Classy by Derek Blasberg

Feb 16, Heidi Mccarthy rated it did not like it. Great witty writer with attention to aesthetics beyond most. You’re a selfish tramp who just wants attention! Seeking those things are very tempting and can lead a lady to do unladylike things.

Preview — Blzsberg Classy by Derek Blasberg. Jun 23, Karina Ruiz rated it really liked it. Not a bad start, but the tone is similar: