One of Canada’s most environmentally sound building projects, the CK Choi building was completed in and set a high standard for “green” buildings. Figures 1 and 2: The C.K. Choi Building borders on a natural-growth forest on the (UBC), the C.K. Choi Building for the Institute of Asian Research was made. You are here. Home › C. K. Choi Building. C. K. Choi Building. Project Overview. The university office building houses five research centers on China, Japan.

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Conventional grading rules were modified to take into account the actual stresses along the length of each timber so that those parts that had been repaired or flawed could be placed in non-critical locations.

Reducing Impact and Consumption The component of this building that has piqued the most interest is unquestionably the use of composting toilets.

Reused heavy timber from the recently demolished Armouries building located across the street, and red brick cladding from the streets of Vancouver, give the building an aesthetic that is rich in history. Offices have manual light switches; however, controls systems dim lights if adequate daylight is available or turn off lights if a room is vacant.

This combination eliminates the sanitary connection for this project. Retrieved 21 October Retrieved 20 October For example the building has operable windows and user control over heat in work spaces.

On-site waste management was practiced. The limited ductwork systems and the absence of filters reduce areas where dust and dirt can collect.

CK Choi Building

IAR supports individual and collaborative research on a wide range of Asia Pacific policy issues and current affairs, including: Institute of Asian Research The Institute of Asian Research IAR seeks to build knowledge and networks that supports deep understanding and effective action on a wide range of domestic, regional and global issues centred on Asia.


One of Canada’s most environmentally sound building projects, the CK Choi building was completed in and set a high standard for “green” buildings across the world. With a broad geographic reach extending to China, India and South Asia, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, the Institute conducts research and teaching in policy-relevant issues informed by language and area studies.

Graywater is collected in the building and directed to an exterior subsurface graywater recycling area.

Returning nutrient-rich humus to the earth restores depleted soil conditions. Features such as direct venting of the copy machines areas help to maintain good air quality over time. The contractor was given incentives to find salvaged materials, but all used materials were found by consultants.

Green Building Brain – CK Choi Building

Construction sequencing was specified to ensure flushing of the building during drywall installation and finishing, painting, caulking, and during the installation of carpets. Choi Building had previously been a parking lot; it borders an existing forest of coniferous trees over feet high 30 m. The BOMA Earth Award is a new opportunity to recognize and promote “environmental friendliness” in commercial buildings.

There are a total of five Clivus Multrum Model M28 Composters at the Choi Building, with ten flushless toilets and, several flushless, trapless ventilated urinals attached to them. Our BatchGeo world MAP shows the locations of green architecture, green building and renewable energy projects featured on Solaripedia.

The building replaces an existing parking lot and the dynamic building form capitalizes on the benefits of the different climatic conditions at each orientation.


Choi Building bbuilding an example of a sustainable approach in the building industry. This article contains wording that promotes the subject in a subjective manner without imparting real information.

The Choi Building i a comprehensive approach to management of building waste and surface water on site. The recycled graywater is then used for site irrigation.

For example, rigid insulations are expanded boards foamed with pentane not ozone depleting versus extruded boards expanded with an HCFC, and natural ventilation eliminates the need for refrigerated coolants.

The recycled graywater is then used for site irrigation.

C.K. Choi Building

Embodied Energy in Construction Reused heavy timbers from the Armouries building previously located across the street and reused red brick cladding from the streets of Vancouver give the Choi Building an aesthetic that is rich in history and energy efficiency. Bulding Mack University of Washington.

The significant amount of reused materials and products with recycled content in this building 60 percent of primary wood structure, percent of exterior brick cladding address waste management by diverting materials from landfills.

Being continually flushed, the building does not experience peaks and valleys in lAO often found in traditional mechanized systems that operate with reduced air changes during low occupancy hours.

Tree preservation and pruning issues were written into the specifications. For this achievement, B. Collaboration in Late Imperial South China: As well, a subsurface, graywater recycling c.kk.choi with phragmite tall grasses plant varieties, cleanses the graywater which is then used for on-site irrigation.

For this achievement, B.