KNP Web 15,, views · · Colors for Children to Learn With Street Vehicles and Water Slide – Colours Magic Liquids For Kids BinBin. CINETECH > Hard to find / Shortage Pricing, Availability, Datasheet Download, and Product CRJT, CINETECH KNPWJ0R1, CINETECH. Taiwan Wirewound Resistors SQP, KNP is supplied by ☆ Wirewound Resistors Cinetech Ind Co Ltd does not currently advertise comprehensive company.

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Micross Components Micross Components. Step 1 Place a small amount of solder on one of the conner pads. New Tunirama New Tunirama. Desoldering SMD Special methods for desoldering without the need for special soldering iron tips. Pico Electronics Pico Electronics Bring the part overtop of the pads, sit the part on top of the pads.

Method 1 – Pin by pin Used for: Heat the solder on the next pins and do the same until the other end is reached.

Insert the screwdriver under that side and pry up until the pins are off the PCB and out of the solder.

Continue by flooding the other row of pins. This method works because sucking only removes the solder between the pins and not the solder between cineteh pad and pin.

International Semiconductor International Semiconductor. Inspect around the edges of the part for solder bridges from pad to pad.

Cinetech Ind Company Ltd Part Numbers List on Page 5

Heat the pad already with solder and slide the part onto the pad so that it is centered between the pads. Solitron Devices Solitron Devices. They provide the lowest available TCR of 0. VPGproducing the most precise and stable resistors available: Each method is used specifically for a group of SMD components. If there is, re-apply solder between the pins and re-suck. Keep side pressure on the part with fine point needle-node pliers so it will slide off when the solder melts. Step 3 Put a small force down on the part and re-heat the one pad to guarantee that the parts is flat against the PCB.


Do the same on the other side of the chip. Crescent Frequency Crescent Frequency.

Make sure the pliers are not bare metal or they will get too hot to handle when heating. Broadcom Limited Broadcom Limited. Voltage Multipliers Voltage Multipliers. cinftech

Step 4 Using the iron, or a heated sucker heat one end of the pins until the solder is melted pins in length from the end. Crystek Inp Crystek Corporation.

Our foil resistors and current sensors are used in applications requiring a high degree of precision and stability, such as in medical testing equipment, high performance audio equipment, precision measuring instruments, aerospace, and military applications.

Step 1 Flood the each row of pins with solder so that there is one continuous flow across the pins as shown. The amount is learned by trail and error and experience. Try to keep the solder across the pins as even as possible. Small Outline Package – SO. This will build up heat on each side and the part will slide off the pads in 5 – 10 seconds. Taitien Electronics Taitien Electronics. Electronic Devices Electronic Devices.


Diodes, Capacitors and Resistors in sizes like,,and The following instructions are for a heat gun only. Using the heat gun, apply heat to the part by holding the heat gun 8cm 3′ away from the board.

Use needle-nose pliers to hold the part in place while heating. Step 1 Place a small amount of solder on one of the three pads. Our standard resistors are available variety of models to fit a wide range of applications. The guide is organized into different methods.

Cinetech Ind Company Ltd Parts Numbers List Page-5 – AFR Enterprises

Step 2 Grab the 8 pin SOP part with very fine tweezers. It therefore competes with other technologies that feature high precision, such as wire wound or bulk metal foil. Calmos Technology Calmos Technology. Do not use the end of the tip or solder will flow from pin to pin. Ruttonsha Associate Ruttonsha Associate.

Cinetech – Computer and PC Parts Manufacturers

Step 3 Now flood the opposite row of pins with solder so that there is one continuous flow across the pins as shown. Fox Electronics Fox Electronics. Silicon Standard Silicon Standard. Simply heat one side until the solder is melted, then quickly move to the other side until the solder is melted.