64 Bit Binary Tested on Ubuntu Decompress and run./cinelerra in the directory. User Manual. Join our newsletter. Name. Email. Subscribe. © All . origins of CINELERRA, go back that far when he first created and released BROADCAST in the mid’s as he wrote in the official Cinelerra manual. A Cinelerra tutorial demonstrating everything the non-professional needs to know about getting up and running with Cinelerra.

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Arrange edits vinelerra the timeline Drag the. Cinelerra can create TOCs with the following formats: First, fetch the GIT sources as usual. Sound level meters appear in many locations.

A patchbay may have to be expanded to see the panning box. Merely enter the amount of time to shift to instantly shift the track. Background rendering is enabled in the Performance tab of the Preferences window.

It can be used to record audio or video. Going into the folder list and clicking on a folder updates the contents area with cineleerra contents of that folder. Producers need these features in order to retouch many generations of footage, which makes Cinelerra very complex. So, the Cinelerra CV code is very similar to the official release. To open the Label info dialog right click on the label icon in the Resources window or directly on the label symbol on the timebar. Images lists can be edited manually.

The zoom menu jumps to all the possible zoom settings and, through the Auto option, locks the video to the window size. Alternatively you can use e as a keyboard shortcut to toggle between modes. When the size of your image is different from the size of your project, but the ratio is the same, you might want to mznual the image at mannual original size, to load it on a dedicated track and adjust the display of it with the camera zoom. Cropping reduces the visible picture area of the whole project.


Finally the timebar defines a region dinelerra as the preview region.

Cinelerra basics in 30 minutes and 10 steps

It is an extra layer on top of the track arming toggle to prevent unwanted changes. Then, run the following commands: If you select either the in point or the out point, the insertion point will jump to that location. The ones referred to in this tutorial are:.

If more than one track is armed, Cinelerra will drag any edits which start on the same position as the edit the mouse pointer is currently over. You now have a SourceFiles folder containing the media you need for this quick trial. The show option causes the GUI for the cineleerra to appear under the cursor.

In all trimming operations, all edits which start on the same position as the cursor when the drag operation begins are affected.

So, if an audio file’s sample rate is different than the project attributes, it is resampled. The history of Cinelerraa always has to come back to Adam Williams. Audio effects should be dragged from the resource window onto audio tracks. The graphics driver must support OpenGL 2. If the toggle is the background cinelerrz of most of the windows, it is disabled. The patchbay enables features specific to cielerra track. Each track itself has a popup menu which affects one track.

Effects and several tracks of audio will compound these problems. You can change the project’s output to match the asset’s format using the match project size menu option in the asset manager. Video tracks represent the duration of your videos and clips, just as if you placed real photographic film stock end-to-end on a table.


The purpose of the projector is to place the contents of the “temporary” into the project’s output. Programmers occasionally send patches upstream.

Documentation :: Cinelerra-CV

It was written for a window manager called Enlightenment. If the bitrate is fixed, it is the target bitrate. With any version of Cinelerra, the task of finding bugs is relatively easy. This fits into maual covered so far. Render your projects to a final format for more persistent storage of the output. Go to the center of the preview region in the timebar and drag it around to convince yourself if can be moved.


Thus, two tracks are mixing the same data on the output. These control operation of the camera and projector.

Most effects have GUI’s but some do not.

An additional window, the levels cinelerea can be brought up from the Window menu. The two points should now appear on the timebar and define a clip. Transport controls are just as useful in cinelrra as they are in playing back footage, hence manhal are described here in the navigation section. It also supports a small amount of compression. In Cut and Paste editing mode only, by enabling Edit labels in the settings menu, or by disabling the Lock labels from moving button on the program toolbar labels will be cut, copied or pasted along with the selected region of the first armed track.

When you move the mouse pointer over any button a tooltip should appear, showing what key is bound to that button. It allows you to view your media all the way from individual frames to the entire length of your project.