File: Size of this preview: × pixels. Other resolutions: × pixels | × pixels | 1, × Determinacao de danos da cigarrinha-das-pastagens (Deois incompleta) a Brachiaria humidicola E.B. decumbens []. Silva, A.B.. Access the full text. Cigarrinhas-das-pastagens, Zulia entreriana (Berg, ) (Homoptera, Cercopidae), no norte do Estado de Minas Gerais. II. Controle de ninfas com inseticidas.

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Nymphs trapped inside eggs after 60 d were considered dead. Resumo Spittlebugs are the main pests of pasture of America Tropical, among which the genera Deois and Mahanarva stand out. Cohorts of quiescent eggs, when exposed to increasing periods of high moisture free waterproduced higher proportions of eggs resuming embryonic development in laboratory experiments. D] h in the laboratory from May to August Sujii et al. The evaluations were performed at pashagens beginning day 0and 15, 32, 45, 61 e and 75 days, pastagene one evaluation before the applications, and five after the applications of this fungus, counting the spittlebugs nymphs per 0.

Our results show that climatic factors, such as drought stress and high temperature, had little influence on the mortality of diapausing eggs and nymphs of D. Advanced search Browse by author or subject Tag cloud. Effect of plant density, cutting intensisty and interval. A population study of the spittle bugs Aeneolamia occidentalis Walk.


The fungus entomopathogenic Metarhizium anisopliae Metsch.

Empty chorions were excluded. The plants were observed three times weekly, and examined for the presence of first instars. These pots had been watered to saturation 24 h before the experiment.

Cigarrinha-das-pastagens (Pasture planthopper) | Project Noah

Approximately pairs were placed in each of 12 cages randomly distributed over the same pasture from which they were captured. The interplay among diapause and rainfall distribution at the beginning of the rainy season results in a variable pattern of population dynamics from year to year.

Time taken for eggs of D. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Metadata Mostrar registro completo. Some features of this site may not work without it. Deois flavopictapopulation dynamicssurvivorshipseasonalityclimatic factors. At the other extreme, 16 d of drought after initial intense and frequent rain keeping the soil moist for 14 d maximize mortality in local populations of D.

Plants under field conditions may provide better or worse conditions for nymphs survivorship because at microclimate or root size, and additional tests in the field are warranted. Newly emerged first instars of spittlebug move directly to the nearest suitable plant and establish themselves at the base of stems and exposed roots, where they immediately start feeding and producing spittle Pires et al.

Egg hatching was monitored every other day throughout the experiment. Preference performance linkage in the neotropical spittlebug Deois flavopictaand its relation to the phylogenetic constraints hypothesis.


Cigarrinha-das-pastagens (Pasture planthopper)

D h until the emergence of nymphs. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic.

Thus, postdiapause eggs need 26 d of moisture to ensure initiation of embryonic development in all individuals of a population. The average time for egg hatch in all treatments Fig. Se ensayaron 6 insecticidas para evaluar el grado de eficiencia en el control de Deois incompleta, principal plaga de los pastos en la Amazonia.

Our experiments and field observations indicate that in years when the rains start in late August or September and are frequent periods of interruption no longer than 4 dsurvival of postdiapause eggs and newly emerged nymphs is maximized, and the chances of population outbreaks are increased Fig.

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In contrast, sparse rainfall keeps postdiapause cgiarrinha quiescent, and hatching occurs asynchronously over a long period of weeks in accordance with the distribution of precipitation. Groups of 20 eggs with fully developed embryos were chosen randomly and placed at the base of potted plants of B. Eggs that did not hatch and became flat and black were considered dead for apstagens mortality evaluation.

Moisture was provided by adding water ad libitum to the cotton underneath the filter paper.