Christopher Cattan Geomancy Introduction to Astrological Geomancy The 16 Geomantic Figures Asking the Question & Generating the Mothers The Geomantic. The Geomancie of Maister Christopher Cattan Gentleman – Free download AMORC Cosmic Geomancy as Used by the Veiled Prophets PDF. Christopher Cattan, The Geomancy of Master Cattan Marsillio Ficino, Three Books on Life Robert Fludd, De Geomantia Islamic folk magic & commerce.

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This, however, would give its reverse figure Cauda Draconis no corresponding double letter, because the Roman script including Z would have 23 letters, and an odd number would mean one of these reversion-pairs would go unassigned. The Greek and Hebrew scripts, on the other hand, have isopsephy and gematriarespectively, which enable a word to be treated as a number, and as Pythagoras catan taught, numbers rule the universe and effectively are the universe.

Perform the divination to manipulate the symbols into a readable format. Page references to edition.

This order is also far more true and rationall then that which vulgarly is used, which is described after this manner: Draw out a simple square house chart, and populate it with the first twelve figures of the Shield Chart.

Still, Geomncy know little about the method in particular, nor how well it works for Arabic geomancers. Geomancy, over its year history, has developed many, many techniques to predict all cattzn of stuff: The first 12 figures are given in reversion pairs: All the querent can do in the situation is react accordingly and adjust their conceptions and perceptions of the situation, because the reality of the situation will proceed without their input regardless of their attempts.

Or what if they change their name legally? I know that Arabic geomancy has a method to determine names, and I assume the methods are similar: Caput Draconis and Coniunctio. If therefore they be both of one element, of one Planet, and of one Sign, they signify much good or much ill, according to their goodness or malice.

The Dragons head and taile are thus divided, the head to Capricorneand the Dragons taile adhereth to Scorpio ; and from hence veomancy may easily obtaine the triplicities of these christpoher after goemancy manner of the triplicities of the signes of the Zodiak: However, the other types of company give us a bit more interesting stuff to chew on:.


This is probably the most pleasing of all companies geommancy, as it provides the querent with someone sufficiently different yet operating on the same principles to reinforce the condition and state of the querent. But even using any of the techniques with any set of correspondences, I kept coming up with wrong answers.

Christopher Cattan

Recently, however, a student in geomancy of mine pointed out something I had missed all this time: Hoffmann edsItineraries in French Renaissance Literature: I have an issue with this, however: When in two houses next together, there be found two figures a like, and that they be good, ye shall say incontinent that they signify great goodness, and if they be ill, they do signifieth much ill: Spain as opposed to Greecethis was likely brought in at an early point along with the rest of geomantic technique, and held on in some form or another by a handful of geomancers.

Instead, it makes more sense for the Part of Spirit to only rely on odd points the points that represent active elements, excised and above the world of passive matter and the Part of Fortune to rely on both odd and even points the co-mingling of active Spirit and passive Matter that results in the world around us. Based on the sum of odd points from calculating the Part of Spirit, add the odd points of the Court to find the odd point sum of the Shield Chart.

Yes, yes, I am still working on my geomancy textbook!

Christopher Cattan – Astrogeomancy – Astrological Society

Cattan writes that he hopes to bring forward two other works, one on Physiognomyand one on Chiromancy. Its popularity is also attested by the number of contemporary manuscript copies held in the British Library7 which owe their origins to this work. Besides, the book has been in progress sinceback at a point where I now think I was wholly unqualified to write such a book. We can see that, implicit in this order, we have a measure of how strong a given company is, with company simple being the strongest form of company much like how perfection by occupation is the strongest form of perfectionand with company capitular being the weakest.

Amissio is primarily Fire and secondarily Water. Alternate version available on Google Books. Noirot, ‘”The Difficulty is to Judge Well”: Between the manuscripts that cannot be read except with eyes trained in particular handwriting styles, books that have not yet been digitized or that have but not been made publicly available, and all the books that are still under copyright, and all the other books that are available but which are in Middle Eastern and Asian languages, there are dozens, hundreds of books that discuss geomancy that are not yet available like the ones above.


Large Round Zodiac Chart. Anonymous, Curieuse und ganz neue Art zu Punctiren. We exclude the odd-numbered houses, which deal with: Any hypothetical post about me consigning that technique to the trash, too, would pretty much be an exact duplicate of this post with letters replaced by numbers.

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I bring this up because, while going over my draft for my postscript in my book, I returned to that section about how Western geomancy has methods for determining names.

Acquisitiothe Dragons taile, Viaand Populus doe governe the watry triplicity; and the earthly triplicity is ruled by CarcerTristitiaAlbusand the Dragons head.

Another rule [to know for what intent a chart was made for] is to take all the uneven points of all the twelve figures, and give one to the first, one to the second, one to the third, and so consequently unto all the others, until that all the points be bestowed, and cattzn if the last point remain on the first house, it signifieth geomnacy that the person hath desired to have that figured be made upon some of the demands which be of the first house; if it rest upon the second, it signifieth that the question or demand of the movable goods, or other things contained in the geomajcy house; and so shall you judge of the other houses where the point doth stay.

The zodiacal rulership of the figures can be found in this post. Of the discovery of the part of fortune, and its placement in schemata. Fortuna Maior and Fortuna Minor, in bold italic.