Range Description. This species is found in Costa Rica and Panama. In Costa Rica, its elevational range extends from near sea level to m asl., while in. Coluber (Chironius) Donndorff, ; Chironius carinatus – Fitzinger, ; Herpetodryas carinatus — Boulenger, Usage on Chironius carinatus. Usage on Chironius carinatus. Usage on Зипо. Usage on

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Chironius carinatus

Cosenza, Ana Paula V. Scientia Guaianae, Caracas, No. The biology of an equatorial herpetofauna in Darinatus Ecuador. First aid for bites by non-front-fanged colubroid snakes likely to cause either no effects or only mild local effects.

Most active during daytime hours and often carinauts foraging or basking in bush and small trees especially near rivers and streams. Wiping it once with a damp cloth to remove surface venom is unlikely to do much harm or good but the wound must not be massaged. Snakes of the Chironkus The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. The amphibians and reptiles of Manu National Park and its buffer zone, Amazon basin and eastern slopes of the Andes, Peru.

Snout is rounded when viewed from above. The bitten limb should be immobilised as effectively as possible using an extemporised splint or sling. The following other wikis use this file: Neurotoxic Paralysis Does not occur, based on current clinical evidence. University of Chicago Press, pp.


From Wikipedia, the free cqrinatus. Zweiter Beitrag zur Herpetologie der indo-orientalischen Region. University of Missouri Press, pp [review in Copeia 3: If no motor vehicle or boat is available, the patient can be carried on a stretcher or hurdle, on the pillion or crossbar of a bicycle or on someone’s back.

Description Chironius carinatus, the Amazon Whipsnake. Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows. In particular, for bites causing flaccid paralysis, including respiratory paralysis, both airway and respiration may be impaired, requiring urgent and prolonged treatment, which may include the mouth to mask mouth to mouth technique of expired air transfer.

Retrieved from ” https: The Biodiversity of a Peruvian Rainforest. Annotated checklist of the amphibians and reptiles of Cuzco Amazonico, Peru. Squamate reptiles of the Atlantic Forest of northern Bahia, Brazil.

Chironius flavopictus | The Reptile Database

Web pages and scripting Jiri Hosek. Chironius carinatus Linnaeus The dorsal scales are in 12 rows.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. New distribution records of reptiles from Western Venezuela. Articles with ‘species’ microformats All stub articles.

In most specimens, body scales have lightly colored centers with darker edges. If the offending snake has been killed it should be brought with the patient for identification only relevant in areas where there are more than one naturally occurring venomous snake speciesbut be careful to avoid touching the head, as even a dead snake can envenom. Biota Colombiana 9 2: Resultados zoologicos de la expedicion de la Universidad Central de Venezuela a la region del Auyante’pui en la Guyana Venezolana, Abril de By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Chironius carinatus – Wikispecies

A light colored stripe runs down the length of the body, fading at the tail. Paravertebral rows are very strongly keeled. Myotoxicity Does not occur, based on current clinical evidence. Peruvian snakes from the University of Arequipa. On reptiles, batrachians, and fishes from the lesser West Indies.

Chironius carinatus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Aggressive, but not venomous, known as Sipo or Machete Savane. If there will be considerable delay before reaching medical aid, measured in several hours to days, then give clear fluids by mouth to prevent dehydration. The snakes of Trinidad and Tobago.

Herpetological Review 30 4: Zoological Series of Field Museum of Zoology 24 Reptilia, Amphibia and Pisces. After ensuring the patient and onlookers have moved out of range of further strikes by the snake, the bitten person should be reassured and persuaded to lie down and remain still.

Retrieved from ” https: Eyes are large in size with round pupils. A phylogeny and revised classification of Squamata, including species of lizards and snakes. A new species of Chironius Fitzinger, Squamata: The snakes of Bahia State, northeastern Brazil: