If it has defective drywall, then I am out the money for the inspection. But our Realtor tells me we would be able to renig on the contract. Right?. DEFECTIVE DRYWALL DISCLOSURE AND INSPECTION CONTINGENCY. This Addendum is to the Sales Contract (“Contract”) entered into between. Many firms are requiring the Chinese/Defective Drywall Addendum to Contract be used in all transactions regardless of the age of the house.

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You are correct that not all Chinese wallboard has problems, and there have been a number of other defective products from other countries including the U.

Why are US contractors paying for replacement?

Tainted Chinese Drywall in Florida is a problem for homeowners, builders, and Realtors®

Vince, Thanks for the thoughtful analysis from a professional in the field. Is It in Your Home? If you see darkening of copper wires, you may have Chinese drywall. Some of those complaints alleged the real estate licensee failed to provide various written disclosures.

Chinese Drywall | Realtor Ron W

Mario is a former Florida Real Estate Commission investigator, a former real estate instructor, and a published author. Tests conducted for the Florida Department of Health, found small amounts of the chemical strontium sulfide in samples of imported wallboard. The building should first be assessed by a professional, such as a certified industrial hygienist CIH; disclosure — I am a CIHconsultant, qualified home inspector, engineer, or other professional before any testing is done or remedy proposed.


Now, we are unable to live in the home because we are getting sick. The field investigator had a rash on their arm shortly after being in the home.

Karen, There are several class action lawsuits in the works concerning Chinese drywall depending on where the house is located and who made the defective product.

Mario is also a U.

A negative Chinese drywall test result allows the client to purchase a specialty insurance product developed by Certified Chinese Drywall Testing, LLC. I have a 3 year old son. If there are some, he will disclose that information. There has been no product recalls as of October by the US Consumer and Products Safety Commission as they have made no sound conclusions regarding the public risk.

I live in NE Florida. Has any body had any thing like this happen to them? There is no smell 2…Copper in Electrical Outlets is not bright, about the color of a penny that is a couple years old.

Lennar has confirmed 80 of its homes in Sarasota, Manatee, Lee and Collier counties. Pay more for American made products. Replace the exposed corroded drywalll especially the copper fittings Mirrors: Sign up for our Tips for Today’s Homeowner newsletter and stay updated on how to improve your home! For homes that were built in or earlier, a Lead-based Paint Warning Statement must be provided to the purchaser. In addition, strontium was found at levels of 2, to 2, ppm in the imported drywall and to 1, ppm in the U.


The wireing and plumbing on the canadian made side are black and the wireing on the made in usa side are normal. Are they doing this on purpose? Lets hurry up and get the work done for as cheap as we can. Homeowners in Florida have been the hardest hit, with over complaints received and several class action lawsuits addendim.

Tainted Chinese Drywall is a Problem for Florida Homeowners

This addendum allows the buyer to have a mold inspection at his or her expense. Maybe we should wise up and make everything here. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This policy is assignable to potential buyers and can provide the peace of mind that addednum it possible to sell a home.

Let us know if you have any luck getting it repaired!