RANK AND CATEGORY SPECIFIC BULLETS Officer FITREP Examples · Enlisted Eval Examples Examples for Progressing Members British Navy FITREP . Eval Bullets (Actual) ***RECOMMENDED FOR ADVANCEMENT TO CHIEF PETTY OFFICER*** **ALREADY PERFORMING AS A CHIEF, SELECT NOW!. Cpo fitrep observations. 1. CPO Fitrep Observations CDR Kevin Robinson; 2. Purpose/Method Slides that follow are a combination of a.

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As command DAPA, approachable and unassundng. He has served WASP brilliantly in any capacity tasked: Driving force behind AIMD’s success during Aviation Maintenance Inspection, resulting in “32 of 35” programs being graded as “On Track” and 58 of fifrep practical drills graded satisfactory with no major discrepancies.

He displays outstanding determination and stimulates others to excel within them.

Her ground work enabled the newly detailed CMDCM to hit the deckplates running with a seamless transition. Chiet mentorship and guidance are without equal. Innovative training already bearing fruit.

Readily sought-out for direction and guidance by peers and subordinates. Master Chief Valente has set unbelievable standards across the Norfolk Waterfront!

Open, honest, and frank communicator, BMCM possesses a keen ability to “tell it like it is.

All new evals and fitreps coming soon

Selected as Acting Department LCPO over other senior personnel to ensure his person department maintained the highest level of mission readiness. Sustained chiet performance by an admired leader in my mess. In only three months, Senior Chief Novak clearly gained distinction as a leadership force in the best CPO mess on the waterfront!

So, in addition to describing a person’s professional and technical skills, we need a way to inform the report’s reader on fitre; subject’s social skills, his integrity, his character, his loyalty and other qualities which are not apparent when merely reading a list of accomplishments. Actively involved in the development of Sailors, providing sage advice and up—to—date information on a myriad of subjects to enhance their personal and professional growth.

  BMR 14325 PDF

Conducted Command Indoctrination for 96 Sailors. Additionally, as a duty section leader, he supervises more than Sailors, providing guidance, training and leadership to ensure outstanding results within his watch section.

Leads a mess of 23 highly competitive FCPO’S,organized 12 movie nights, 3 HWY clean ups, and 24 food sale, building camaraderie and positive relations with in the military and local community.

He continues to actively instill pride, professionalism and responsibility with Sailors and their careers to mold them into the next generation of leaders.

All new evals and fitreps coming soon

Although not within standards for that cycle, he quickly set personal goals, made significant changes in his culture of fitness which resulted in Passing PFA cycle. Led 10 Safety POs; efforts resulted in zero mishaps with safety hazards in preparation for all Quality Assurance inspections.

He or she might be the best at fixing a broken radio but the absolute worst at sharing experience or getting along with others. It is evident based on the results of the certification and readiness of the ship that he will have a successful tour onboard WASP and will be one of the top performers and leaders on WASP. Spearheaded the human factors working group for the Point and Click interface system on the MHR, collecting inputs from 32 Instructors and 50 students.

Actively involved in his Sailor’s development. List all the ratee’s accomplishments on a separate sheet chhief paper. The Summary The Summary: Additionally, he is responsible for the curriculum, and testing for 4 other RIB training fitrsp. Aggressive management of ship’s certifications and required training evolutions resulted in an unprecedented Turned failing department into an operationally competent, technically responsive combat team!


He effectively plans and prioritizes short and long-term goals ensuring WASP and Deck department exceed mission requirements. Absolute must select to CPO! Committed to excellence in every endeavor, CWO4 Gaine’s leadership, managerial and technical knowledge makes him an absolute front runner for CWO5.

Navy Writer

Ranked below my Chief Engineer only due to level of responsibility. These scenarios allowed WASP to complete the Basic Phase ahead of schedule with better than expected results, while improving warfighting readiness. Expertly managed 13 highly skilled Sailors in the chef operation of a 2. Defense News Weekly Year in Review On this special edition, we look at some of our biggest interviews–and up close looks we got in As a UPC he conducted 7 command tests for sailors with zero discrepancies.

That also contributes to the grade creep issue. His broad depth of experience and tenacity have made lasting improvements onboard WASP.

Navy CHIEF EVAL Program

An energetic Navy Counselor and exemplary team player who in a short time has made significant impact to the CPO Mess, Exec Department, and the crew of over 1, Sailors he personally takes care of! Organized 28 hours of community service at the Armed Services MCA for the Neighborhood Exchange, providing military families in need with necessary food items. Senior Chief Burton is a true professional and epitomizes Naval leadership.

Responsible for an unprecedented 16 advancements and 9 Petty Officers making the decision to stay Navy.