Dust jacket and interior illustrations by J. K. Potter Subterranean Press is proud to present an exclusive hardcover of Charles Stross’ Hugo award-winning. Welcome to the Stasis, the clandestine, near-omnipotent organization that stands at the heart of Charles Stross’s Hugo Award-winning novella, Palimpsest. Palimpsest. by Charles Stross. from Wireless (). Hugo Novella Winner Tags: Science Fiction, Hugo Winner, Novella.

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Pierce tightened his grip on his spear, moving his index finger closer to the trigger discreetly printed on it. There will be time to get to know them again, yes. Lists with This Book. Even the pallimpsest life has abandoned the land, for the equatorial daytime temperature is perilously close to the boiling point of water.

Kafka smiled, his mouth widening until his alarmingly unhinged head seemed ready to topple from the plinth of his jaw. steoss

My parents —for a moment the bright-eyed optimism cracked— would blame themselves. And then everything was quiet for a long time.

Speculiction Review of Palimpsest by Charles Stross

If Internal Affairs are willing to start with combat drones and orbital X-ray lasers, then escalate from there, where will they stop?

Sure enough, a familiar face nodded affably at him. You need to pay more attention to theory, agent. Their mass will be gratefully received. I’m not sure the Cryptozoic thing doesn’t create a paradox. He smiled pleasantly but distantly. He tried to slow his breathing, but it was slowly getting stuffy and hot inside the wreckage of his survival suit. Pierce stepped between Cnarles and the sailor, his thoughts a chaotic mess of This is stupid and What did she do?


Would that be acceptable? Shortly you will be called on to undertake the first of your autosurveillance duties, monitoring your own future self for signs of deviation. Wow, really good, I’d buy a novel sized follow-up. This one caught me by surprise. I would recommend to enjoy the good sides of this story – the games with reality and history, the possibilities of our planet’s future and what might become of humanity. Yarrow retreated behind him: Just a bunch of information squirted out of a wormhole, why should the universe care indeed?

The mechanics behind it are described in relevant enough details, but by and large Stross focuses on tactility, not logic, as Asimov tried. By the time the Earth drops back toward the frost line of the solar system, the technicians will have roused the zombie necrosun from aplimpsest grave.

In the hands of a writer like Stross this freedom can be a heady drug indeed. Retrieved from ” https: He peered at Pierce. One of the students let his robe slide open. Looming over the verdant lowlands of the Sahara basin, in this epoch they chadles higher than the stumps of the time-weathered Himalayas.

She looked at him directly, expectantly. After a pause, he admitted, I was hoping we might meet again sometime. Now isn’t that something history has seen repeatedly?

It was, he thought shakily, par for strosss course: If it pleases you, my lord, would you like to describe how you entered the celestial service?



The day after, wiser but somewhat irritable, he tried again, entering his home coordinates into the desk and asking for a view of his hall. Having read pallmpsest Branch Library file, there are any number of whys: But eventually more extreme measures will be necessary. Kafka smiled sepulchrally as he sat down behind the heavy oak desk.

I had a really challenging time keeping track of timelines and light cones, so I can see where some people would probably not be int Yikes! These are the healthy ones, the ones who survived the march.

Palimpseste by Charles Stross

Too curious for your own good. They will clothe you in silk and gold, and lie naked beneath your feet, and abase themselves before your every whim. What have you done for our Father today? Her smile finally broke, icy amusement crinkling around her eyes.

You will be a trustee, a key-holder in the jailhouse of history, able to rummage through lives on a whim, free to search for what you have lost ccharles have had taken from you: He swallowed once more. She smiled, but the worry-wrinkles at the corners of her eyes betrayed her. The start of something vast.

But for the most part, the inhabited worlds are safe: