ChaLEAN Extreme review of the workouts and results plus a printable calendar. Boost your metabolism with these strength workouts by. [DOWNLOAD] Chalean Extreme Guidebook [PDF]. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online. [READ] Chalean Extreme Guidebook [PDF] [EPUB]. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Chalean. Extreme.

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Despite the admittedly goofy name, the program actually focuses on heavy strength training for 30 minutes three days per week in combination with more cardio-based workout sessions on off days to produce results.

Burn, Push, and Lean. Workout preferences for me are kind of cyclical, and at this time I am just not feeling motivated to do minute workouts of any kind. The lifting tempo chalesn to be slower than cchalean is used in P90X, and the rep range is reps for most ghidebook.

Looking at the calendar, cjalean workout schedule includes 3 strength circuit days, 2 interval style cardio days one also includes ab workand 2 rest days per week. I have to finish reviewing the diet and workout schedule during my lunch break, but hey, I can do that while walking. Additional equipment needed for the workouts is pretty basic: Hcalean of pound dumbbells for women and pound guidenook for men, or the equivalent in resistance tubing the kind with handles.

I linked here from over at RCR! I was looking at the Beachbody site the other day and saw the new ChaLean program. I just got Chalean Extreme too and already have gone through 4 of the workouts. Started last Sunday…I already see changes in chlean body.

It is a different type of lifting than I have done before — it is really slow and it seems to work. Some guidebkok are calling it Metabolic Resistance Training aka good for fat burning ala Alwyn Cosgrove. Good luck with the program. I am looking forward to your reviews! Glad to see your trying the Chalean Extreme program. Her personality is energetic but not annoying and the program encourages you to lift heavy which I like. I am glad you got the Chalean extreme. I hope it workouts out for you and I loved your write up about it.

I do like that it has shorter workouts than the P90X, that makes it easier to do and to stick to it during these busy times. We just got an LA Fitness down the road from us but since its packed I think working out at home is the next ugidebook option. I felt clumsy at the workouts the first week but feel much better form and a much better workout going through the 2nd week. Looking forward to seeing your views on the program. I need to get some weight work into my routine and have been considering the ChaLean Extreme program.


I have downloaded the P90X workout sheets from your site before really convenient, btw and was wondering if you had planned on posting the ones from the chaLEAN workouts?

They would be nice to have. Thanks, and I look forward to your response!

How do you find time in a day to do all this?!! Love your site — thank you!

Kim, if you just follow the workouts as scheduled in the calendar, you will be getting all the benefits of the muscle confusion from the program. The nutrition guide was not earth-shattering either—take your pick of bodybuilding style nutrition plans at around calories per day, and you are good to go: They are all pretty much the same thing in the end.

If not, do you have any suggestions as to how I can find these? Thank you SO much! Does someone know where I can find the workout calendar for these DVDs?

Sounds like my tribe. Maggie, I have recently decided to take my nutrition and exercise to a new level. I have invested in other fitness books and exercise dvds before that have ended up on a shelf.

Chalean Extreme – Chalene Extreme Workout – Reviews

Now I am waiting for the delivery. I went to Florida after 3 months and wore a bathing guidbeook with pride! It is circuit and tough enough to challenge. The other thing guiebook that I can continue to up the weights and cycle the workouts so it will be good for a long time.

I also do not have the workout calendar, but I just got my chalean extreme today, and I want to start immediately, but do not know how to schedule the workouts. Can someone help me please? Is it cardio and then lifting with a rest day or lifting then cardio with a rest day? Also, is the cardio included too? I do not have the calenders. Could someone help me please. I even tried contacting beachbody. I about lost all hope until I found this site!

I understand the diet is different based on your guidebookk and other factors…a little too involved for anyone to really post it. But luckily, some people have posted the guidebokk over at beachbody.

If anyone could e-mail me a pdf version I would appreciate it. I have just started and so far really like this workout. I am about to start the CE program, but want to get the weights first. There have been very few negative responses, so that is great! If anyone could let me know that would be great! Hi, Just purchased Chalean and also received the mini pamphlets.

Could someone email a pdf full version of the guides with the workout calendar. Now I am searching for the nutrition guide. I would be really grateful for anyone to email me a pdf file on the calendar and the muscle burns fat guidebook.

I took the ebay approach to and only have the pamphlets. Anyone that can help- I would really appreciate it!!!! My email address is runwendyrun hotmail. My email is runwendyrun hotmail. I ordered a cheap version too. Could someone email me a PDF of the guidebook and diet book?


I would really appreciate it. Tamara, Does the food guide seem helpful and easy to follow? If so, could you scan them to a PDF and post them or email them to me? I now have the calendar, jut need the food guide! Hi — does anybody have the fitness guide and food guide to email to me? I have the rest of the goodies, just missing those 2. Gosh, am I glad I stumbled across this website! Hi there — not to add to the pile although I know I am — could I pleasepleaseplease ask someone from above to e-mail me the Chalean guidebook, nutrition guide, and calendar?

I also followed the penny-wise, pound-foolish route of the cheap eBay vendor. Indeed, you get what you pay for… lesson learned. Thanks a ton in advance. We all got our great deals on the Chalean extreme workout but the calendar did not come with it! Could someone please email me the caldendar?

Thank you a ton!!!!

ChaLEAN Extreme Preview

Like a lot of you, I also purchased from e-bay and only got the pamplet versions of the guidebooks. Pick ANY bodybuilding style meal plan based on meals per day, keep calories betweeneat most of your carbs before 3 pm, and you are good to go.

If you are familiar with the other Beachbody products and have the nutrition guides from those, that will work, too. As far as the workout guide goes, the only part of it that I ever refer to is the calendar. The CLX workout guide is a major editing fail, alas. I will take a look at the program again this weekend, however, and write up a summary of the nutrition program and create a spreadsheet log for the workouts to help everyone out. Do not ask me to scan the books however.

I just want to thank everybody so much-like many of you I only received the pamphlet versions of the guidebooks oh well, the workouts are really what matters. For those without a calender there is a post higher on the wall that lists it out. Good luck to everybody working out. Your email address will not be published. Click on the picture to hear an audio file of the word.

No pull-ups required, by the way.

Thanks for the great review of the ChaLean Extreme workout program! Hi Maggie, How do you find time in a day to do all this?!! If you received the Muscle Burns Fat guidebook with your set, the calendars are on pages Hi everyone, Like a lot of you, I also purchased from e-bay and only got the pamplet versions of the guidebooks.