Riptide (An FBI Thriller) [Catherine Coulter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock must protect the life. Riptide [Catherine Coulter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . Receiving a letter that threatens the governor and damages her own. Editorial Reviews. Review. Rebecca Matlock is in the thick of politics, enjoying her work as a speechwriter for the governor of New York, who’s .

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The twist at the end was so ripitde it riptixe me eye-roll so hard I almost fell off the chair. The police suddenly stop believing her, even after the stalker murders an innocent person to prove his point. A ridiculous romance starts up which I did not predict because I did not expect this book to deliver such a low blow, a main character constantly uses the expletive “damnation,” and I stopped giving what little shit I had given in the beginning. I mean, the writing was bad from the beginning, but the story was fast-paced and interesting.

You had the phone tap put in yourself because you couldn’t get them to do it.


She found herself wondering if she would ever have a child who needed a heart transplant one month and a new kidney the next, or a husband who wouldn’t be faithful to her for longer than it took a new woman cooulter look in his direction. Shooting randomly at the unknown – she’s lucky she doesn’t kill some innocent bystander – but no, she always hits her mark. The narration felt read rather than performed but that could be a reflection of the dialog. As threats continue against her Becca seeks the help of local law enforcement officials who believing that she has been intimate with the Governor actually consider her a suspect when he is shot.

Characters change their flow of conversation from one sentence to clulter next. It ripttide just so poorly written.


Becca is the strong-willed female lead and Adam is the protective male. Please provide an email address.

She held it there, riptids, as if trying to staunch the bleeding of a wound, as if holding it down would keep him from dialing her again, keep him away from her. The old woman didn’t move. I can’t believe how much I hated Becca. Feb 13, Tiffeny rated it did not like it. She slammed down the receiver. This nine disc book could have easily been told in 3. They’re going to get you and fry you.

It Could have been interesting. Not the best by her, but not the worst. People don’t talk like that! She thought of the Edgar Allan Poe tale The Telltale Heart and prayed that this coulrer had been dead before she was stuffed in that wall. They told you to ask those questions, to try to distract me, to get me to spill my guts to you.

That was what the police psychologist in Albany had told her to do when the man had first started calling her. There are some twists, but they’re pretty obvious, but there’s also some action, which is good. Meanwhile, Becca’s mother is dying, and Becca doesn’t want leave her. If you’re reading the series, as i am, you’ll want to read this one, but if you’re just reading it as a stand alone book, I think you’d rather choose another of hers instead.

Cheesy dialogue, unbelievable story, predictable plot. Did you all hear that massive thudding sound? Becca flees to a friends home in Riptide Maine and it seems a sanctuary at first but soon Becca gets herself in a lot more trouble. The plot could have been good with a better author.

Riptide is full of secrets Boy this book has everything. The writing is generally clean and competent, although the dialogue tends to the unrealistic. He kills a homeless woman on the street by her apartment right after telling her to look off her balcony.


I do hope that the rest of the series doesn’t fall flat like The Edge did. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Every time to started to like or root for her she’d do something stupid and make me want to backslap her silly. On the contrary, police in neither city believe her. The sub-plot’s denouement I saw coming from a mile away. And what is with her gun skills, most people can’t rando This one started out really good, but then started to drag out in the middle.

And they let her! Surely now that someone was dead, they would believe that some maniac was terrorizing her, stalking her, murdering someone to show her he meant business. Becca Matlock, a speechwriter for the governor ripitde New York, keeps getting threatening phone calls that accuse her of sleeping with the governor.

When the governor is shot in the neck, Becca flees for the safety of coa Cathernie speechwriter Becca Matlock is at the top of her professional game, rlptide for the re-election campaign of New York’s popular governor, when she receives the first phone call: As far as I was concerned the torturously, convoluted story never got fun enough or the main characters like-able enough to just go with the flow and press my brain-off button.

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RIPTIDE by Catherine Coulter | Kirkus Reviews

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. These calls threaten her life and the life of the govenor. A page turner with catherie good story. This was one of the worst books I have ever read.