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It contains the same assortment of lamps but is compact enough to be transported on a motorbike for example. The automotive lamp cabinet is supplied with replaceable poster motifs for 12 V and 24 V.

Its stylish bright bluish white is almost in automorivas same league as the light from attractive XENON lamps. Such modications may impair the technical properties of our products, destroy them or cause consequential damage or injury, for which OSRAM cannot under any circumstances be held responsible.

The blister cannot be opened without being destroyed. Also available with glass base article reference or Even in difcult weather conditions during the day vehicles tted with these lamps can be easily seen by other road users. Elimination of the costly and critical high-voltage plug connections on the lamp.

And for good reason. Automotivaas with any technical or scientic discipline, lighting technology has its own special terms and concepts for dening the characteristics of lamps and luminaires and for standardising the units of measurement.

Bravoluz – Lâmpadas Especiais

For end consumer advertising OSRAM relies on continual advertising campaigns and intensive press liaison work. Philips – Office Documents.

Our aim is to get better and better. Its combination of rst-class quality, convincing brightness and reliable service life gives it a real advantage over other products on the market. New development for simple lamp replacement and highly efcient headlights; supplied on request On request.

The performance of inferior quality lamps decreases over time, jeopardising the safety of the driver, possibly without the driver being aware of this.


New development for simple lamp replacement and highly efcient headlights; supplied on request. Another good example is the automotive lamp sales cabinet, which not only looks good but also features an integrated lamp aautomotivas, clear arrangement of the lamps and space for sundry supplies. Viewed surfaceIlluObserver Glossary of the most photometric formulae: Even when they come to the end of their lives, lamps are useful for the valuable raw materials they can provide.

Tried pjilips tested brand quality. Think of the environment, act responsibly. OSRAM invests a sizeable proportion of its revenue in the development of new products so that partner workshops and retailers can enjoy continued success in the ercely contested vehicle lamp market.

The standard family of halogen lamps for price-conscious drivers. Presentation, information and access our POS material will make it easier for your customers to make impulse purchases. In production and material selection, OSRAM not only meets all the statutory requirements, it exceeds them in some la,padas by considerable margins.

HPMC 2013 – Philips

The most important of these are described here. One version of the Innovations oor display also offers the lampaas automotive lamps for drivers who are price-conscious but still want excellent quality. Lasts up to three times longer than standard lamps despite catalpgo and night use, cataloggo need for more frequent replacements than usual. Shipping unitSingle-coil headlight lamps for innovative dual headlight systems XS1 XS1 On request H1 H2 H3 H7 H8 H9 H10 H11 H12 H8B H9B H11B HB3 HB3A HB4 HB4A 12 automotkvas 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 55 55 55 55 35 65 42 55 53 35 65 55 60 60 51 51 P Each blister pack has pictograms that are understood throughout the world to indicate all the benets and technical data.

The luminance L of a light source or an illuminated area is a measure of the impression of brightness. Because there are so many different languages in the EU we use pictograms. Its bright bluish white automoticas has a colour temperature of up to K, so it is not just an attractive lamp for style-conscious drivers it also puts many other blue lamps rmly in the shade.


Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…. This is because OEM equipment today is the spare parts market of tomorrow. It far exceeds the requirements of international standards, for example in environmental compatibility.

The Automotive Lighting division and all the lamp manufacturing plants producing for this division are certied to TS special quality management requirements for automotive suppliers.

A passion for intelligent light.

Height h in mm Length l in mm Shipping unit For years OSRAM has been providing its customers with rst-class quality and excellent levels of service. We manufacture major prematerials, develop our own production processes and auomotivas complex, computer-controlled production plants.

For more information on our products go to: Particularly if the lamps are presented so as attractively as in this oor display.

They are clearly arranged and identied with the relevant core statements so your customers can easily nd what they are looking for. Take a look at the neat lighting effect this staircase from Homedit creates between each step and even on the side walls.

A – Catalogo PDF Valpec 2013

This translates into extra safety, particularly on long night-time journeys. The automptivas lamp kits containing the most important replacement lamps and fuses for almost all makes and models of cars are presented in the minibox display. Luminous efcacy indicates the efciency with which the electrical power consumed is converted into light. Meets the strict quality requirements of German car manufacturers. They can check all the features, make comparisons and choose the right lamps at their leisure.