The MTS design criteria was to build an all-tube guitar amp that Carvin has long known about the effects of miss-loading a guitar pickup which can. A few months ago, I purchased a used Carvin MTS from a friend . ive herd of this before unfortunately i blew my mts up last night. User review from MGR/dourdeeds about Carvin MTS Head: Carvin MTS- 50th Anniversary Model.

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I’ve done a bit more playing with my MTS today, and pushing a little volume I think I like it better now than how it sounded before, but still room for tweaking. I was a kid with little money surrounded by charlatans claiming to know what was what and cwrvin and why things were the way they were There are big capacitors that are designed to do nothing more than get, hold, and release filtered power to the rest of the circuit. It was just a pretty forgettable OD. If you don’t know what you’re doing – don’t do it.

The challenge on this would be sourcing the transformer and carvkn course mounting and installing it within the available space of the chassis. I will keep you posted. I’m the mst of you though – I prefer amp distortion over any pedal, though using a TS to push an amp is usually good with me. It had been there for a while and he didn’t really understand quite why it wasn’t selling.

I wanted to pick your brain about a mod I saw on YouTube. They’re okay, but you would be better off with a legacy or v3. Previous 1 2 Next. But, this makes me wonder – considering your under-voltage condition on the heaters, if you have an issue with mte power transformer.


Czrvin no matter how I had it set it just never seemed to have too much ‘character’ to it. It’s interesting your observations about R29 and R I am no stranger to a soldering iron and I am a physics teaching assistant so I understand the math, kind of I have some professors that are good to bounce this kind of stuff off of but this is my first foray into amplifier modification actually the second after I perform the bias mod on my II.

Sorry this is so late darvin for whatever reason, I didn’t reply, which it my bad. Pulling a pair of the 6L6’s, which should reduce heater current to 3. What should be cavin awesome sample of audio orgasm really turns into a cheap dirt pedal in the chain.

Posted by The Brad at 1: I would say, fire up the soldering iron, carvih the popped resistors, and try, try again! The Brad September 20, at Sep 10, 7. The JCM uses opamps for gain stages, where the Carvin just uses diodes to clip the signal between tube stages.

Sep 11, By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. I’d consider getting one again just for that if I ever needed good loud cleans. I’ve never been a fan of the integrated silicon-based dirt found in a lot of designs like this one, the JCMseries, and a lot of the Fender products.

Phil MSep 10, But everything they say above it true – the Clean Channel IS nice, but it completely overpowers the distorted channel, which to my ears was meant to mimic that Recto late 90’s nu-metal tone, but its wimpy and fizzy.

Wish me luck and I’ll let ya know how it goes! But the rock and roll tone isn’t too inspiring. Channel one, the lead channel, is the high gain side of the amp with a volume and drive control. Sep 10, 4. So with EL34’s the V1 and V2 filaments average 4.


Thoughts on the Carvin MTS ? | The Gear Page

The biggest deal with a mod on an amp like this is dealing with the manufactured assembly. Cranked it sounds pretty good to me.

Carfin they are not even close, I have modded both for guys removing the SS circuit. Eliminating the Diodes from the circuit weren’t that challenging.

I know they conduct at. A lot of reviews say that the gain channel is very 80’s sounding. I guess it depends what you want to use it for.

opinions on the carvin MTS 3200 head?

Those resistors are technically “Fuselinks”, but I can’t see what they’re actually protecting, and they’ve made enough heat over the years that the board has discoloured and warped.

W Tango Delta June 17, at 4: If you max it out it’s like playing in a cavern. Other may find themselves in the same rabbit-hole so I’ll throw out some ideas. One of the things I learned years ago is that with any complex mgs, it should be roughly working as expected before modding or “improving”.

I’ve mta a lot more expensive stupid experiments! It could be anything from poor QC on the actual transformer where the taps for the filament were just done wrong all the way to some other internal failure condition from heat, wear, abuse, or whatever.

That’s about what Nts heard as well. By compensating at both ends with the two voltage dividers, I had none of the reported problems with oscillations.