: Cartwheel: A Novel (Random House Reader’s Circle) ( ): Jennifer duBois: Books. “In Cartwheel, Jennifer duBois takes the lurid skeleton of the Amanda Knox case and fictionalises it with scalpel-like precision DuBois is a brilliant young. There are passages of observation so closely controlled and beautiful in ” Cartwheel,” the second novel by Jennifer duBois, that what she.

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Lately I can’t figure out how I feel about President Obama.


Which ought to have duboois helpful, since Jennifer Dubois writes: I was left feeling that life itself is a lost cause. It’s just so good, so exciting, so literary, so incredibly fun to read.

He is a man who sees satanic conspiracies everywhere he looks- crazy people have no place in positions of power, and he is a whole lot of crazy! The fact of Lily’s guilt or innocence is not the apogee of this novel at all.

The writing is pretentious and ostentatious “faint crepitation of a leaf against the window”. The limberness is welcome, indeed. I really liked the back story Dubois gave the boyfriend and the way his character is revealed over the course of the story. I had some vague Jodi Arias recollection of hearing her name before.

Book review: ‘Cartwheel,’ by Jennifer duBois | Books | Dallas News

This simply was not the caftwheel in Cartwheel. Although there are certainly some strange quirks in her personality and her reactions are not necessarily conventional for someone entangled in such a situation, most of them are perfectly justified by her internal monologue.


It’s gotten some bum reviews, and when I saw it was supposedly a sort of a Lifetime Movie version of the Amanda Knox case – cartwgeel gal who was accused, convicted, then released on charges of murdering her roommate in Italy – meh.

Think of all the minute actions you take in the course of a day: Things are hinted at and never quite explained, and others are the exact opposite of what they seem – several pieces of evidence that clinch Lily’s involvement with the murder in rubois mind of the prosecutor are subsequently shown in one of Lily’s flashbacks to be something completely innocent.

Cartwheel is fiction unlike In Cold Blood and Fatal Vision which jennlfer true investigational journalistic works. Jennifer DuBois tries to discover the whys in the aftermath of a murder committed in catrwheel most extreme of circumstances. I could not stop reading it! There was a problem adding your email address. Five weeks later, Katy is found brutally murdered; Lily is the prime suspect.

The initial set-up is exactly the same as the real-life case, except the setting is Argentina, not Italy, and the Kercher character, Katy Kellers, is American, not British. That’s a difficult thing for a writer to pull off! Cartwheel is a Random House publication, written by Jennifer duBois.

But this is an instance where that description works perfectly.

A decent book that could have been a great book. I can totally imagine why this book hasn’t been well received by many Goodreaders: Are people really what they are perceived to be? But who is Lily Hayes?

It was a sense of detached curiosity and potential energy;; a feeling that here before her was an important event that she might witness, an important mystery she might solve, an important challenge she might rise to meet. If you are a true-crime buff and followed the Amanda Knox case, you are probably howling to the moon right now because it is these questions that we wanted answered.


Five weeks into her stay in Buenos Aires, Lily’s roommate is found murdered in their room; Lily is arrested as the prime suspect and continues to make decisions that somehow implicate herself in this horrible crime. Dubios has a BA in political science and philosophy from Tufts University.

Lily’s oddball boyfriend, Sabastien, is a wealthy young man that lives alone in a crumbling mansion. Saw the drops of the blood on the bathroom floor, didn’t consider them of any real importance, and went and watched television on the couch.

Review: ‘Cartwheel’ by Jennifer duBois

After jennirer Cartwheel I decided to familiaize myself with that news story since I’d never really followed it or watched the movies based on Amanda Knox. With mordant wit and keen emotional insight, Cartwheel offers a prismatic investigation of the ways we decide what to see—and to believe—in one another and ourselves.

Plus, the two characters I found most fascinating Katy and Anna never had a chance to speak for themselves, and Eduardo was just unrealistic; he belonged in a different novel from the one everyone else was in.