Description, classification, synonyms, distribution map and images of Caranx crysos – Blue runner. Kingdom: Animalia. Taxonomic Rank: Species. Synonym(s): Caranx fusus Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Common Name(s): blue runner [English]. The Blue Runner, Caranx crysos. Illustration by Diana Rome Peebles Courtesy of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Division of Marine.

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Shoulder girdle cleithrum margin smooth, without papillae.

Comprising detailed descriptions of all the animals hitherto observed within the state borders. You can continue searching for Caranx crysos on one of these Web sites:. US Department of Commerce.

The availability of fisheries statistics for the species is variable throughout its range, with the Americas having separate statistics kept for the species, while in Africa and Europe it is lumped in with other carangids in statistics. VI,Perciformi Trichiuroidei. The anal fin consists of 2 cqranx detached spines followed by 1 spine and 19 to 21 soft rays. Zoology of New York, or the New York fauna. Caranx crysos Mitchell Retrieved 22 May Mondo Sommerso, Milano, 9 vol: The blue runner is distinguished from similar species by several morphological features, including the extent of the upper jawgill raker count and lateral line scale counts.

The caraxn runner is a schooling, predatory fish, predominantly taking fish in inshore environments, as well as various crustaceans and other invertebrates.

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Gillrakers including rudiments upper, lower cryzos first gill arch. American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists. Dactilopteroideipp. Histoire naturelle des Poissons, Paris-Strasbourg, 22 vol.

Blue runner

Help keep this site advertisement free by making a donation through PayPal. Carangidae in British waters”. Early Stages of Atlantic Fishes: It is considered a fairly low-quality table fish[9] and frysos specimens are known to varanx the ciguatera toxin in their flesh, with several cases reported from the Virgin Islands.

Pisces Carangidae e ai suoi rapporti con le forme affini. Journal of the Egyptian German Society of Zoology. There has been some suggestion that the eastern Pacific species Caranx caballusthe green jackmay be conspecific with C. Juveniles often have 7 dark vertical bands on their body. Woods N’ Water, Inc.

Caranx crysos Mitchill, Scientific synonyms and common names Caranx crysos Mitchill, Synonyms: Quarterly Journal of the Florida Academy of Sciences.

A Puerto Rican study found the species supplements its fish dominated diet with crabs, shrimpscopepods and other small crustaceans. Caranx crysos Mitchill, Larvae and juveniles live pelagicallyoften under sargassum mats or jellyfish until they move inshore.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Several studies have shown the species congregates around floating buoy-like fish aggregating devices FADsboth in shallower waters, as well as in extremely deep m waters, indicating the species may move around pelagically.

The blue runner reaches sexual maturity at slightly different lengths throughout its range, with all such studies occurring in the west Atlantic. Caranx crysos species group: Retrieved from ” https: Peak spawning season in the Gulf of Mexico occurs from June to August, with a secondary peak in spawning during October in northwest Florida. The species inhabits both inshore and offshore environments, predominantly over reefshowever it is known to congregate around large man made offshore structures such as oil platforms.


The species was first scientifically described by the American ichthyologist Samuel L.

Blue Runner-Jack – Caranx crysos – Caribbean Fish Identification USVI

The oldest known individual was 11 years old based on otolith rings. Acta Scientiarum Biological Sciences.

There havw been suggestions that the blue runner may be conspecific with the eastern Pacific species Caranx caballus green jackalthough no specific studies have been undertaken to examine this relationship. Analisis taxonomico y consideraciones filogeneticas sobre las especies cubanas del genero Caranx Teleostei, Perciformes, Carangidae. The species also has a dusky spot which may not be distinct on the upper operculum.

In the eastern Atlantic the southernmost record is from Angolawith the blue runner distributed extensively along the west African coast up to Morocco and into the Mediterranean Sea.