New, first-time color facsimile. Vincenzo Capirola Lutebook Compositione di Meser Vincenzo Capirola gentil homo Bresano. ca. [Ms Newberry Library. All we need is the price of a paperback book to sustain a library the whole world trusts. We have . Identifier imslp-lutebook-capirola-vincenzo. Sheet Music – £ – Capirola Lute Book is a collection of seven lute pieces by Vinzenzo Capirola, arranged for guitar and edited by John W. Duarte.

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I gave her a 45 second explanation of Capirola and Vitale. December 16, at 1: I couldn’t make notes of that, and there were numerous signs around forbidding photography of any parts of the collection. I will have to see a PDF of it now that you’ve interested me. Thomas Woode pronounced Wood was told by the Court to commission new works reflecting the Reformation, and was given strict guidelines. And the paintings are likewise very bright. After just a few minutes, Maria returns with a nondescript chocolate brown box, about the size of a child’s shoe box, hinged on one side.

They huddle for a moment, and then Maria starts xapirola over. So back up, via an elevator this time, back to Maria’s desk. I have no idea what that is.

But there is a modern edition downstairs you can examine. I am not greedy in general but when I see something like this, I really really wish I could have it! I began to berate myself for not bringing at least a memo pad, then I recalled that what I wanted was to eyeball the original: But on reflection there are many older professor-types doing research there, who may not be computer-literate.


Nine AM on gray and misty Saturday, I was there. It’s also easy to see that virtually all the pages are in a poor condition, so it’s no wonder the library were so wary of letting it see the light. In any case, Ulte approach her, and make my request.

Capirola Lute Book (Guitar)

I was wondering if you know exactly what that piece is? It is torn on the upper left corner, and some of the text is missing. The thirteen ricercars of the book stylistically stand between the earliest, improvisatory examples and Francesco da Milano bok ricercars, which exhibit a more advanced imitative technique.

This of course assumes that the manuscript was even bound in the first place: It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill. English records talk of a “phenomenal Brescian lutenist”, and there is a piece from the time called “The Duke of Somerset’s Dump,” which cxpirola virtually identical to one of the Padoanae in the Capirola book.

Capirola, Vincenzo – Capirola Lute Book (Guitar)

Spaces between the animals are filled with various flower or shrubs or grasses. Fifth, in addition to his talent with depicting living plants and animals, Vitale had a fanciful free-form talent.


It is approximately 8 inches long and 5 to 6 inches high I didn’t have a ruler with me, and exact dimensions are not important anyway. There are a limited number of colors used, primarily greens and browns, but bolk than ample use of the same colors used for the rhythms.

Follow Walter Bitner on WordPress. Music Printer to the King: I did gain an appreciation of Italian Renaissance miniature painting and book construction.

Please come with me. I have used this facsimile as a reference point in describing many of little bolk they are not readily apparent until one has seen the original, and then the dark copy serves as an adequate memory-jog. Lions happily chew the heads off of deer, and eagles rip apart hares.

I pretty much know what the original looks like; in fact, I own a facsimile copy of it 2. A definitive study of the book was made in the late s by the Hungarian musicologist Otto Gombosi —