The TCN3 is the most advanced cable remote control available for any EOS camera. For remote 80cm cable; Long exposures; Self-timer; Interval timer. Canon TIMER REMOTE CONTROLLER TCN3 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Canon TIMER REMOTE CONTROLLER TCN3 User Manual. View and Download Canon TCN3 user manual online. Timer remote controller. TCN3 Camera Accessories pdf manual download.

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When six years of abuse finally took controlleer toll and I determined that no amount of soldering or re-wiring would save it, I immediately bought a new one.

During a long exposure that is controlled by the TCN3, however, reote release button will be inoperable. Yes the buttons are small, but it works fine for me.


As with your camera’s shutter button, you can press the Release Button either halfway or all the way. Please check your local sales tax laws.

Remote shutter release – that can be 30 feet away with the Canon extension cable. Pressing it halfway activates your camera’s autofocus and exposure meter.

Sadly it is much larger than it needs to be, far too expensive and it has no way of shutting it off.

QuickGuide to Canon TC-80N3 Timer/Remote Controller

This product works great, gives you many options to photograph special subjects, is light weight, has a night light for the display and allows you to take a photo anytime by pressing the remote shutter release. This device does not even have a power switch — it is always on unless you remove the battery.


Any longer and it would just be in the way. Please provide your comments. The interval timer feature is frequently used for time-lapse photography. Renting is fast and easy.

Canon Knowledge Base – QuickGuide to Canon TCN3 Timer/Remote Controller

If you need those kind of shots, or want to have it take evenly spaced exposures starting at a pre-determined time, it is a good investment. For long exposures or continuous shooting, press the Release Button completely and slide it forward, in the direction of the Running Lock Arrow.

The retailers I recommend below are the ones I trust for my own purchases.

Majual me say this simply: Or, would you feel more comfortable buying after having a hands-on trial period? To activate this function, press and hold the Display Illuminator Button for at least three seconds until the Hold indicator appears on the display.


Time amounts can be set in single digit increments, up to: This guy gets the job done. Setting a Time Amount 1. Even when the Interval Mode or Self-timer are active, you can still take a picture immediately by pressing the Release Button or your camera’s shutter button.

It is simple to use and functions well. Forgetting this step can mean that you come back minutes later to find that the remote renote only triggered mirror lockup — not the exposure.

Repeat Step 3 for any additional time units you wish to set. Probably my only gripe is that there’s no real mounting points or any way to hold the thing without covering the buttons.

It does manul you could need it to do. Also note that the timing or exposure count mode you have set will not be affected if you use the Release Button.


The exposure will start, the icon will blink and the exposure time will begin remore count down. Not as obvious and a user interface design error in my opinion is that, when depressed for at least 3 seconds, the Display Illumination button invokes a “hold” mode.

The shutter will release when the timer reaches zero 0. The product is easy to use and intuitive, and it works well out of the box. For example, to select a time value, press in on the jog dial repeatedly until the seconds, minutes or hours are flashing and roll the jog dial in either direction to change the selected time value.

The TCN3 and RSN3 have the same release button they even appear to share the same parts that features the same half and full press shutter release as found on the camera. Hold Function The Hold function prevents accidental changes to your settings. Where you buy your gear matters. Press the Jog Dial to register the number of exposures.

Use the Self-Timer function to delay the start of an exposure for a specific length of time — from 1 second to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. If I am shooting still life from a tripod, I almost always use mirror lockup. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.