Cannibal Contagion is a game of mental stress and violent survival against hordes of These pages contain a complete role-playing game, with rules detailing. Cannibal Contagion follows the current, and approved, trend of smaller game publishers producing journal-sized books as complete games. Source for the Cannibal Contagion RPG by N. Phillip Cole.

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A magic-borne disease that affects the ponies of Equestria, causing them to sprout Cutie Marks all over their body and uncontrollably act out the talents that they represent. The exact unleashers are unknown, but are implied to be a terrorist group due to numerous theories in the novel. I believe the Under a Steel Sky scenario is in the core book and would work great for this.

A disease that spread in Cantha, causing victims to become hulking, aggressive, pained creatures known as ‘the afflicted’. The Fried Chicken Flu Boondocks. However, the player is able to take the antidote without any adverse effects, presumably cqnnibal he is the reincarnation of the demi-god Nerevar.

Symptoms include coughing, shortness of breath, and temporary disappearance of extremities. These cases are called black contagkon. Its name is a reference to prion diseases like Bovine spongiform encephalopathy and Creutzfeldt—Jakob conntagion.

It is revealed later in the series that Hanyuu, the incarnation of Oyashiro, was responsible for some of the paranoia, mostly that one is being watched or followed. A mysterious epidemic has led to worldwide infertility in women. If left untreated an infected transformer eventually crumbles into a pile of rust.


Possibly made up by the doctor making the diagnosis, given how it relates to the plot of the movie. WEG Shatterzone scifi game had some good bug hunting too. It has sentience and is capable of communicating. The disease’s symptoms are a high fever, and dementia, and can be transmitted through saliva and contact with the infected such as bites.


The infected also sport red eye colour, and bleed from the eyes, mouth and nose. The virus can be transmitted through biting. Log in or sign up in seconds. In later stages, tissues become soft and slough away. The Last Man on Earth. Rather than a cure, this retrovirus was designed to kill aces, jokers, latents, and wild card carriers.

Cannibal Contagion | RPG | RPGGeek

Zero is actually strengthened by canniabl, due to his unique status. A pregnant woman that recently gives birth to a child will most likely succumb to the virus due to less-than-sanitary conditions and a weakened immune system. An echolalia -like disease in which a specific pronunciation of a certain word—the “wormword”—leads to fatally degenerative cognitive ability as a result of an encephalopathy. It’s a relic of a d system from the 80s. An artificial virus that is revealed to be a failed Bio-Weapon created by Dr.

Caused by a synthetic T-cell which mistakenly activated introns in one’s DNA.

I’m sorry, sir, but your tempo of discussion hints that it would be hardly an enjoyable experience – we’re living in fast-paced times and I find it difficult to revert to days old comments.

There are several techniques to assist in temporarily relieving this problem; however, they are not proven to work. Burning Bright by Melissa Scott. The disease is transmitted contagioh an infected creatures’ blood is exposed to a victim’s bloodstream bare skin contact with infectious blood is implied to not result in infection. An antidote was also created, just in case, but was retrieved by the Billing Family’s personal driver, Frank Martin.

Cannibal Contagion – RPG Review

Symptoms include a gradual loss of emotional control and a telepathic influence on non-Vulcans to exhibit similar emotional volatility. They have foggy white eyes, can only moan with hunger, have enhanced hearing and sense of smell, and can only be stopped by piercing the brain — when they drop dead, again.


Also known as “Little Donny Disease”. It causes weakness, pain, and eventually death from declining health. There is no known medical cure for the disease. I actually ran an Alien scenario using Dread for players cajnibal have never seen Alien. This results in increased body temperatureheart rateand breathing speed, making those infected hyperventilate constantly.

Symptoms include drooling saliva at the mouth, blackened bags under the eyes, and extremely pale skin and psychotic behavior like prg. It may be a type of fungus, as Ron Weasley says that the effect of being unable to speak occurs “once the fungus has spread to your uvula”.

A virus transmitted by being in close proximity to Phazon. A mysterious epidemic of sudden blindness affecting virtually all humanity, leading to society’s collapse. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. He is retrieved with negligible physical effects, but is diagnosed with Deep Space Disorder, a mental disorder that can cripple an EVA astronaut with severe hallucinations. A powerful virus which lies dormant inside mobile phones and which requires a powerful signal to set off.

A major example is Collette, one of the 8 protagonists of the game. Mentioned as being “still a terminal disease in some parts of the Galaxy,” this disease seems rife amongst the population of Betelgeuse 5, the fifth planet of the sun Betelgeuse. Its initial host is Kenny.

The Atlantis Complex by Eoin Colfer. An extraterrestrial infectious particle found in a lunar rock sample and within a fantastically well-preserved tyrannosaur fossil in dannibal New Mexico desert.

Disease which feeds on the salt in its cannival body.

Die or Escape IS Alien. Hank Hill is the primary sufferer of this condition. Learn how your comment data is processed.