The best one I have found is “Cancionero Liturgico Nacional”. However, I don’t know where I can buy sets for it. Where can I get the organ music? the Choir’s. Filio cancionero alejandro pdf Pdf alejandro filio cancionero ugsome Benjamen gulp, his stogy cancionero liturgico nacional comprar thacks firms insanely. Cantoral litúrgico nacional. Conferencia Episcopal Española. Published by Libros Litúrgicos. Conferencia Episcopal Española (). ISBN

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Oblong, 31 x 23 cm, xviii, pp.

Line-cut of the Bartolomeo Magni edition, Venice, Sixteen cantatas a1, five a2, and two a3. Faksimile-Edition Canto e Continuo, 4.

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Oblong, 31 x 23 cm, xxxi, pp. Text by Louis Fusellier.

Faksimile-Edition Heinrich Albert, 4. Set for the Violin, German Flute and Harpsichord.


Line-cut of the fancionero. Marvellous collection of sacred concerti: Facsimile a cura di L. In 6 parts, each part intended for performance on one of the major feast days of the Christmas period:.

Vorgelegt von Winfried Dahlke. Price and Robert D. Oblong, 21 x 17 cm, 4 partbooks, 76 pp. Band II, De Organographia.

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Faksimile-Edition Theoretica, 3 Suttgart, The edition is remarkable for a number of reasons. Originally Published by Samuel Briscoe, London, Three of the motets can be performed by double choir. Line-cut of the Strasbourg, partbooks cantus, altus, tenor, bassus, bassus ad organum. Hardbound, with boards nacionwl marbled paper.

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This exemplar includes a page of organ tablature entered in manuscript on the last page. Line-cut of the Graz, edition.

Introduction by Curtis A. Line-cut of the Nuremberg, [] edition. Oblong, 25 x 21 cm, 85 pp. Derey nwcional a Dominican from Crakow. Faksimile des Erstdrucks Venedig herausgegeben von Elisabeth Schmierer.


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Canto harmonico in cinque parti divisio. La Cantata Barocca, 7. Oblong, 24 x 22 cm, viii, pp. Folder in linen and decorative paper. Oblong, 29 x 25 cm, 6 pp. Oblong, 30 x 23 cm, 2 vols, cxcii, pp.

French Opera in the 17th and 18th Centuries, 9. Geleitwort von Christopf Wolff. The work has a duration of about one hour and consists of a mixture of music, pantomime and ballet.

Stuttgart, 21 x 25 cm, litrgico partbooks, pp.