Sean Hance doesn’t want any part of Coop’s plan to win TerrorFest with an ultra- low-budget horror flick until he realizes that the prize money would let him build. [A]ll we ever get out of Coop’s schemes are headaches and heartbreaks,” opines high school sophomore Sean, who gets his turn narrating in. Call the Shots. image. And action! As the uproarious trio returns, sensitive Sean takes the spotlight? scripting a low-low-budget film while fielding unexpected.

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From swimming the fly, to beating the band, to finally ending their adventures with calling the shots – I’ve been with them, every single step of the teh. But he actually is desperate for cash — and for a way to wipe that big fat L off his girlfriend-less forehead. And I think this is the highlight of this series in general. I personally thought that this was the funniest of the three, and also the best read. Sean also finds himself embroiled in a terrifying romantic four-way with his new, Swiss-cheese?

I’d recommend this book, or this series to anyone who wants an easy read and just to laugh. Throughout the book her mood swings were so violent and uncalled for that I seriously began to consider the possibility that she had bipolar disorder. He deals with complex situations by sniffing his palm, which I thought was a nice touch. How will Sean and his friends help get enough money to build a new room in Sean’s house?

And of course, it made complete sense to end off with the three of shkts talking about their annual goal for the summer.

That’s not something to mess with, and I was sure that cops would break down the thhe at any time and take her to a psychiatric clinic. I love these boys. I recommend all the Swim the Fly books to my reluctant readers. How will Sean succeed his goal while cakame the new baby on the way, his crazy new girlfriend, his Uncle Doug and his feelings for a new girl?


Call the Shots is the final book of the trilogy that began with Swim the Fly. He chose to avoid conflict. Jan 24, Rummanah Books in the Spotlight rated it liked it Shelves: Swim the Fly 3. To top it o In the book “Call the Shots” by Don Calame the main character Cooper, also known as Coop, is full of ideas, some great, some not so much. I had always thought that his personality paled in comparison to those of Matt and Coop, so I had a feeling that this would help to make his individual personality stand out.

Personally the novel was an enjoyable experience. Apart from Evelyn, things that happened in this book seemed extremely coincidental.

To ask other readers questions about Call the Shotsplease sign up. I really enjoyed the book and I thought that I would really enjoy this book too. This novel is told from Sean’s perspective: As the uproarious trio returns, sensitive Sean takes the spotlight? I would recomend this book to people that like highschool drama.

Call the Shots

He’s thf quiet, withdrawn one of the group, and this makes his narration that much more intriguing. After a long discussion about our different senses of humour we both agreed that this is a fantastic book and grabbe Don Calame is coming to town for a festival in September so it seemed like we should get ready by reading one of his books, right? Thoroughly enjoyed the final in this hilarious trio of books all based on the friendship of Coop, Sean and Matt. I’ve loved hanging with Matt, Coop, and Sean throughout their adventures in callame series and their ability to make me literally laugh out loud like few books can.

So against his better judgment, Sean and Matt all agree to work with Coop calaem the project.

CALL THE SHOTS by Don Calame | Kirkus Reviews

All in all, I would recommend this to the boys in our class because it is written from a teen boy’s perspective and it has humor usually appealing to boys strictly. There is also teen drama along the way however, they still power through and hope for fame and fortune. I don’t love Sean as a character; he’s cautious and nerdy and sniffs his hand whenever he’s anxious. As with the other two books, there are numerous hilarious incidents, some are laugh out loud funny and others eye rolling ridiculous.


Feb 09, Joey Reyes rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sean knows that Coop’s plan is crazy. The characters were, as always, very redeeming and very likable for the most part.

May 10, Adriana rated it really liked it Shelves: They were so creative and it was very interesting to see what Sean got talked into doing during the book. She is pregnant which isn’t too bad until he is told that he will have to move out of his room and into his twin sister’s room! These guys will annoy each other, screw each other over, and will tease and mock one another countless times.

Don Calame has created the perfect ending to what has become one of my favorite book series of all time. The slasher movie making back story is really well-done, absolutely bonkers, and makes for a great parallel to Sean’s personal struggles in trying to get bold and get a non-psychotic girlfriend. He decides this school year he’s going to get some friends together and make a horror film. But he actually is desperate for cash — and for a way to wipe that big fat L off his girlfriend-less forehead.

Sean is pretty reluctant until his life takes a turn for the worst. Refresh and try again.

This book was, however, terrific in demonstrating the amazing friendship between Matt, Coop, and Sean. This is no small matter: So maybe it was worth it. Finally, it’s Sean’s turn for a caoame of his own!

He let life tackle him again and again. He lives in British Columbia. There were many detailed parts in the book, that made the book even better.