Caffenol Recipes that are proven to work can be found here. If not stated differently, the temperature of the solution should be 20 degrees Celsius or 68 degrees. six, almost seven years ago i was given a recipe for caffenol c film developer by a friend whitey. i met whitey over on , one of the 3 or. just incase there are any interested parties on site interested in the caffenol ( coffee) method of developing b&w film. (yes i said film) the cookbook is an.

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I would let them scan in color, as it is easier then to change the hue of the color.

Caffenol Cookbook and Bible

Was wondering about TriX and deltawhat recipe would be best for each and has anyone found good times for them? I givet the negative to photo lab only for sban, and they just scan and put on CD like that.

Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Sorry for the international audience that I answer in german: Unable to load more. The best developer is the one you have with you Japan Camera Hunter.


Posted April 4, at Not available it was a long time ago. Posted April 3, at 5: Posted November 28, at 8: Posted November 24, at So, the resoults are verry fine but how to get the coper tone? Shot at box speed in a Minolta SR-T Posted March 12, at 3: Just cookbooj regular fixer, Caffdnol use Ilford Rapid Fix, and reuse it. Posted October 30, at Your email address will not be published. Some people use something like Caffenol-C-M for developing silver prints, but I wasn’t satisfied cookkbook my trials.

I want to clokbook coffee recipe for developing paper negatives from handmade pinhole cameras…can anyone tell me anything about paper negative development — what paper is best?

See my german blog with examples, tips and tricks and some feedback to film and cameras here: Here is the current recipe for 1l stock:. Jake, Washing Soda is Sodium carbonate, you can usually get it in any drug store. Hi my student wants to try this method of developing.

So here I proudly present:. The book is under constant development, so you will find quite some things that change from time to time — visit to visit. And one from the UK. I would think this would be particularly important when using these non-standard materials.


Posted April 4, at 8: Any recommendations on what instant coffee to get in the US california it seems every time I look everything is arabica or not labeled if its arabica or robusta. Ok, i will as every time to be scaned in colour. Ifyou are new to Caffenol development or looking for the basics, please start from the beginning, first post March Pour out ml of Water and ciokbook the Washing Soda mix.

And then measure the temperature, as adding the soda will increase the temp. Hi Tobias, please ask Bo for a print version, his addy is at the bottom of the cookbook site. We are in California.

The Caffenol Cookbook & Bible – Google+

Originally shared by Mark Finewood. Posted March 11, at 9: Is baking soda and washing soda different? I notice no comments on hypo-clearing agents, something I always used to avoid problems I saw others having with washing their films.