The Caberg Justissimo has been in production probably longer than any other motorcycle helmet. It’s approaching a ten year anniversary and. All Caberg Styles. Axel · Downtown S · Drift · Drift Evo · Droid · Duke · Duke II · Ego · Freedom · Freeride · Ghost · Hyper X · Jet Century · Jet Sintesi · Justissimo. Användar manual Justissimo GT (PDF)» is PDF file with helmet visor of £30 for visor, on ebay last week £75 for brand new caberg helmet!).

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Perhaps there is a case for a rethink in helmet protection and design? Note, the sun visor will fog up quickly, even though the outer shield stays clear.

Every time I set the Duke on my head, I definitely notice a difference. So our size large may have the smaller shell in the largest head size, which can sometimes result in a slightly thinner than normal padding to make up the difference.

But depending on the riding situation, there is some noise that can be generated around the lower portion of the shell, just behind and underneath the ears. That it still can outperform just about any flip-up I can think of anywhere near its price speaks volumes about the excellent basic design.

Resend my activation email: When the slider is pulled all the way towards the front, the button slider slips into a light detent and the sun visor will move into its lowest position.

And I have also noticed that the top vent works well with a windscreen cqberg the type that can direct turbulent air at or towards the top of the helmet.

Caberg Justissimo GT Review – webBikeWorld

It also does not sail when I turn my head or bobble in cross-winds. An extra-thick foam and fabric lining covers each ear pocket, and the EPS liner is shaped to fit speakers. I have one but the visor is a bit scuffed now. The distribution issue was as complex and difficult back then as it is today, and for a variety of reasons, importation ceased. By continuing to use this site you agree to these cookies. A molded plug on the lower left-hand side of the helmet can be used to install the intercom module but the shell and liner design along the bottom of the helmet makes for an easy fitment of other types of intercom helmet mounts.


The face shield completely covers the eye port and up over the top of the eye port gasket on to the first few millimeters of the helmet shell.

Top vent and brow vent in the open position; both provide plenty of air. I think the size large fits just as expected for a large, justiszimo like the original Justissimo, the cabery front-to-back dimension feels shorter than average. The design is very similar if not identical to the face shield used on the Caberg Konda. The helmet has convenient elastic straps in the ear pocket to hold speakers, so installation was about 10 seconds per ear.

Cookies This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Since the Duke is both Justizsimo and J homologated, it is legal to ride in Europe with the flip-up visor in the raised position. The front-to-back internal dimensions of the Duke are a bit shorter than average also, with the tip of my chin just touching the inside bottom part of the chin bar.

The padding is not as thick jusyissimo some helmets but something about the internal shape makes the Duke feel right at home and very comfortable on my head.

Kit Bluetooth features

Read the Terms of Use! Just my two cents. In fact, the only issue is the wind hitting the narrow edge at the front of those large justisaimo plates. As for the top vent — it was only after reading your article that I discovered what position the vent should be in for air flow!

Extra Large Motorcycle Helmets.

The visor has a few slight detents as it raises and a stronger detent when it reaches the topmost position, so it stays in place when lifted although riding with the visor in the raised position is not recommended. This Justissimo GT in size large justissmio in at grams 3 lbs.

The padding is a bit thinner than average, but overall it is still comfortable. In fact, I was a bit surprised that the Justissimo weighed more than I thought. Not much chin room. Personally I think all the helmets available to the average motorcyclist are far too heavy and may actually constitute a danger in themselves, not that I would consider riding without one.

It also has some reflective material swen in along the rear. If your rating is revoked you will lose karma Have you read the ratings guide?

Caberg Motorcycle Helmets | Axel

The dimpled front vent holes hide a sliding cover that is operated with the red horizontal three-position slider. For informational use only. The Justissimo was one of the very first motorcycle helmets to include what we now consider a modern internally rotating sun visor, operating through an external lever on the helmet shell. And the color exactly matches my Olympia AirGlide 3 hi-viz jacket. Also, note that helmet weight is only one factor; fit, balance and aerodynamics are all important and can help to make a helmet feel comfortable when riding.


Note that our helmet evaluations are a combined effort of several riders over time on different types of motorcycles with and without windscreens. There were lighter helmets on the market, but I did not want to pony up the extra money for what I felt would not be a big difference.

A large rubberized button in front, just under the chin vent, is easy to find and to use. The Caberg Sintesi, Justissimo and Duke The Duke is a progenitor of the Caberg Konda; itself a progenitor of the Caberg Trip, which started this branch on the Caberg family tree of stylish flip-up helmets designed to appeal to the younger, sportbike-riding customer.

I was able to lift the front visor a quarter inch and receive a enough ventilation that it kept me cool and it did not create significant noise justisssimo interrupt my audio books. Additionally, I installed my Autocom system to my helmet and the ear pockets are a bit tight with the speakers. The ear pockets have a unique design.

Caberg Duke Review

The helmet has a solid feel — especially so for a flip-up. Loved the ability to open it and cool off or holler justossimo to a riding buddy. I got my first motorcycle when I was 6. With the Duke I can easily hear.

It rotates smoothly and it can be stopped in an intermediate position. Always protect your hearing when riding a motorcycle. The comfortable and snug fit and the thick padding in the ear pockets, along with the wind tunnel tested design, help to keep the noise levels on the Duke under control, more or less. When I finally came to terms with the fact I had to replace it inI looked at a lot mwnual helmets.