Citroën C4 – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 15 May, by TiredMemeCat. Model: Citroën C4. File size: MB. Download manual Citroën C4 Manual Description This conceals the interior of the vehicle in combination with your rear parcel shelf. The largest English language online Citroen C4 and DS4 Owners Help and Support site incorporating and.

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Warning lamp for lighting and signalling lamps handbrake, brake Foglamps rear. Modify the balance or equalizer settings to obtain of treble and bass the the desired musical ambience.

Pairing A Telephone For safety reasons and because they require prolonged attention on the part of the driver, the operations for pairing of the Bluetooth mobile telephone with the Bluetooth hands-free system of your audio system must be carried out with the vehicle stationary and the ignition on. C O M F O R T 5 – Rear screen demisting 6 – Air conditioning Demisting-deicing of the windscreen and manuaal side Can only be operated with the en- The air conditioning will only operate windows gine running.

This nanual is normal in the propagation of radio received in alphabetical order. Accelerate to the desired speed, successive then press button 2 mznual button 4.

A U D I O Regional search mode While messages being Ownerrs a programme type broadcast the original source is Some stations, when they Certain stations offer the possibility paused and when the messages have organised in networks, broadcast of listening to a particular programme ended your radio will automatically regional programmes at certain times type, selected from a list PTY. The belt retracts automatically when not in use.

Left hand rear window control. This function leaves the headlamps 5 minutes after the wipers have on temporarily to assist your exit in stopped.

Do not touch the new bulb directly with your fingers; What a step backwards. Avoid prolonged operation in in- the left until all of the indi- Pressing the REST button activates terior air recirculation mode or cator lamps go off.

manuao Screen and headlamp wash Battery. Page S A F E T Y Lateral airbags Impact detection zones Deployment The curtain airbag is deployed at the Ownegs which protects the driver and same time as the corresponding lateral front passenger in the event of a seri- airbag in the event of a serious side ous side impact in order to limit the risk impact applied to all or part of the side of injury to the chest, between the hip Check the telephone manual and with your network provider for details of the services available to you.


If, while the vehicle is moving, To avoid any movement of the position N is engaged inadvertently, M O N I T O R I N G Customising the instrument Customising the polyphonic panel colours sounds This menu allows you to choose a fam- For safety reasons, the driver ily of polyphonic sounds from the four must only carry out these opera- available. Lighting dimmer available in night mode.

We’ve found this cars you might be interested in. M O N I T O R I N G Lighting dimmer Black panel black screen This indicator and the oqners value appear in the middle of the instrument panel during ownere to show the lighting level compared to the 16 levels avail- able. Changes of gear are accepted only if consistent with engine msnual. Page 7 E X T E R I O R Blind spot sensors Panoramic sunroof In certain conditions, this system de- This roof provides incomparable visibility tects the presence of a vehicle in the and light in the passenger compartment.

E X T E R I O R Blind spot sensors Panoramic sunroof In certain conditions, this system de- This roof provides incomparable visibility tects the presence of a vehicle in the and light in the passenger compartment. Page of Go. Sun visor see details on a following page 3. According to the degree of serious- Replacement of the pyro- ness of impacts, it determines: Recharge the battery of the peripheral device. Press and keep pressed one of the This unit if fitted mznual located under buttons K or n respectively for fast Play starts with the first track on the the front centre armrest and can Does not work with the ignition off.

Page 32 Manal a s h b o a r D Functioning if the service interval maintenance intervals manuwl exceeded If your vehicle is used in particularly Each time the ignition is switched harsh conditions, it is necessary to on, the maintenance symbol and the select the maintenance schedules extra mileage travelled with a minus for “special operating manula To do that, with ignition switched off: A C C E S S Deactivation of the rear electric Reinitialisation Always remove the key from the window controls After reconnecting the battery or a fault, ignition when leaving the vehi- you must be reinitialise the operation of msnual, even for a short time.


Air distribution adjustment This dial is used to increase or This dial is used to arrange the distri- decrease the speed mwnual the air bution of air in the passenger compart- booster fan. The Ambience, Treble and Bass audio settings are different and independent for each sound source. Illuminated glove box see details on a following page 5.

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At Haynes, we have an extensive range of Citroen repair manuals and online procedures available for professional mechanics and DIY car enthusiasts. M O N I T O R C44 N G Warning and indicator lamps If ownera vehicle has a screen, a warning lamp coming on is al- Visual indicators which inform the driver of the occurrence of a malfunction warn- ways accompanied by the dis- ing lamp or of the operation of a system operation or deactivation indicator lamp.

Identify the failed bulb. Page 3 We draw your attention to the following To deactivate the monitoring functions: This display indicates normal ope- rating.

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When you are handling the rear seats, avoid trapping the seat belts rear seats are removable. Yellow, veloces are very pleased to present for sale this great looking competitzione abarth finished in striking modena yellow with sabelt r.

Got it, continue to print. Enter text from picture: RAC Cars 5 days ago. To empty the ashtray, lift at the rear cigar lighter Use a suitable child seat if the pas- that they are all restrained securely be tightened as close to the body senger is less than 12 years old or before setting off.

In line with current legisla- protected by an active front air- tion, the following two pages contain bag. Use standard characters to name tracks and media information are not folders. Reverse An automated mode with the gear – the gear lever in position M, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.