*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Yage Letters: an early epistolary novel by William S. Burroughs, whose account of himself as Junkie. The Yage Letters Redux. William S. Burroughs, Author, Allen Ginsberg, Author, Oliver Harris, Editor. City Lights $ (p) ISBN. For forty years The Yage Letters has been one of the most popular texts in the Burroughs oeuvre, a short (18, word) and accessible introduction to his work.

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One especially fitting example should illustrate this editorial practice in Naked Lunch. It was an insincere desire for knowledge, but a lust for high times.

Vollmer died in in Mexico City. Even in the most determinedly interpretive criticism, there is no “degree zero” of yagf, and the consequences of a false base can be dramatic. In the “Roosevelt” routine–a text only admitted into The Yage Letters in after a contingent publishing career determined by acts of censorship–there’s a passage where Burroughs fantasizes the post of Congressional Librarian being awarded to a “transvestite lizzie” who “barred the male sex from the premises” so that “a world-famous professor of philology suffered a broken jaw at burroighs hands of a bull dyke when he attempted to enter the Library” The internal evidence shows the presence in the City Lights text of numerous transcription errors carried over from the magazine publications.

The six letters that use colons are the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, tenth and eleventh letters in the sequence of “In Search of Yage. If I quit junk I would become a sloppy lush or go crazy taking cocaine. Hoffman ruled that the ban declaring Big Table “non-mailable” was null and void, and this second attempt at censorship ironically ensured the new magazine’s petters and the sale of its 10, print run.

Twentieth-Century Ethnography, Literature, and Art. Hope he hasn’t edited too much. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it also begs questions of agency and operates in two chronological directions at once. Write a customer review.


Hill and Burns This material at the start of the section, however, reproduces the “July 10, ” letter as published in Black Mountain Review minus its opening lines and with other minor differences.

The Yage Letters Redux

Even marijuana never did anything for me. Editions of The Yage Letters. I’ve been a long time fan of WSB and this is another great insight into the man. This is a case I have made with reference to the radical errors in bibliographic chronology that led another of Burroughs’ otherwise finest critics, Robin Lydenberg, to get backwards the relationship between “early” and “late” texts in her deconstructive analysis of his cut-up novels.

These claims are made without any supporting material context, and yet they are presented confidently as evidence to ground and support in Mullins’ case, otherwise illuminating and compelling interpretation.

The Yage Letters

In a comprehensive critical review of D. The second irony concerns the material appearance in Floating Bear of the two Burroughs texts that would later appear in The Yage Letters. We might therefore read the Composite City, and its avatars in Naked Lunch and the cut-up trilogy, as a topographic mapping in the tradition of Surrealist ethnography, based on a collage aesthetic of juxtaposition that foregrounds “cuts and sutures” rather than presenting fixed wholes Clifford Interestingly, each critic is concerned to demonstrate that “In Search of Yage” was subject to deliberate acts of self-censorship that removed the same racially sensitive material from Burroughs’ original letters, Mullins assuming that Burroughs “edited out” 77 this section because of its “offensiveness” 65Martinez claiming that it was “edited for publication by Lawrence Ferlinghetti” 64adding in a footnote, “the letters edited by Ferlinghetti were ‘cleaned-up’ for publication, omitting several passages which the publisher must have felt were racist or offensive.

I did notiice their writting ability decreased every few years. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg. Page 1 of letteds Start over Page 1 of 1.

Jage Kerouac called Burroughs letgers “greatest satirical writer since Jonathan Swift”, a uage he owes to his “lifelong subversion” of the moral, political and economic systems of modern American society, articulated in often darkly humorous sardonicism. To begin with, the “July 10, ” letter was the first published part of Burroughs’ “Yage” manuscript, but it is also the final letter in the whole epistolary sequence.


Not Burroughs’ Final Fix: This is a culture under repression. This would bring differences in original codes to the foreground, to display rather than conceal the text’s multiple material histories. You did not or could not listen. In other words, the very fact of epistolary presentation makes it easy to naturalize such gaps or slips as generic textual features, gage to interpret them as signs of authenticity.

Clearly, there’s no need to detail the micro-editing decisions made for Reduxbut the descriptive analysis in previous sections should have demonstrated the validity of a practice informed by the full social and bibliographical life of the text in its multiple material histories.

What, then, is the editorial upshot of unraveling this history of the comma and the colon?

The Yage Letters

Predictably then, in issue number 3, Burroughs’ “In Search of Yage” appeared in familiar company, alongside poems by Ginsberg and Olson, and texts by Kerouac and Bowles. The Yage letters was long thought to be an edited version of burdoughs letters sent by Burroughs to his friend and cheerleader Allen Ginsberg when Burroughs was in South America.

The first letters were written brilliantly–short, concise, burrougbs beautiful. Wonderful, supportive, loving letter by Ginsberg to losing-it Burroughs at the end. A Modern Documentary History. No money waiting for me check apparently stolenI am forced to the shoddy expedient of stealing my drinking alcohol from the university laboratory placed at disposal of letteers visiting scientist. I asked one of the Colombians about it and he nodded, ‘Yes, Leguizamo was a soldier who did something in the war.