Pollution From Waste: Buriganga water shows signs of improvement With all the previous efforts to save Buriganga river going in vain, Dhaka South City. The impossible task of cleaning the Buriganga river Result: the water is so polluted that no fish can survive there. At the beginning of January. Shehzad Noorani explores how the extreme pollution of the Buriganga River in Dhaka, Bangladesh, impacts those who make their homes and living on the river.

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The image above shows all the hyacinths that proliferate near textile industry operations. Bueiganga can further help us by making a donation. New Blog Changing Waters: The Buriganga River is one of the most polluted rivers in the world, in large part from the tanneries that operated here until many were relocated to Savar Tannery Park this year.

Barges Barreling Down the Buriganga River. On January 1, Bangladesh began cleaning one of the dirtiest rivers in the world, the Buriganga. However, an estimated tanneries, including large units in Hazaribagh, discharge 4. The people who are living by the BurigangaRiverwhich is polluted different types of wastes are suffering from various fatal diseases.

Buriganga River – Wikipedia

Most of the industrial units of these areas have no sewage treatment or effluent treatment plants ETPs of their own. I sincerely hope that this clean-up will soon be taken more seriously by everybody.

The river riveg totally black before the larger operations were moved, and it is still very dark. Before the country was subjected to unregulated industrialization as we experienced it years ago, this river and the lifestyle of the people who dwelled here must have been quite idyllic. The Buriganga River Keeper campaign has a simple but effective plan to pressurise the government and industry owners to treat the water at effluent treatment plants ETPs first and then release it in the river.


But environmental groups say they defy such orders by using their political buruganga or by bribing people. Erosion of river banks caused siltation and this silt sometimes hamper aquatic lives. Hyacinths can be harvested, chopped, ground, processed and dried into bricks that can be used for cooking oil and other energy needs.

Bangladesh river pollution threatens millions

Textile industries annually discharge as much as 56 million tons of burigabga and 0. When this course gradually shifted and ultimately lost its link with the main channel of the Ganges it was renamed the Buriganga. The biodegraded portions of plants and animals mix with water and pollute it.

Sadarghat port on the Buriganga river is an important river transport hub. Cambodian silk industry on its last threads.

Dredging stirs up pollutants that have settled on the bottoms of rivers, and there are many in the Buriganga River from industries and oil operations along its banks.

He said the situation would be even worse if it were not for the annual monsoons, which buriganva to clear the river to some extent as the water flow increases after the heavy rains. The water of this river is now so polluted that all fish have died, and increasing filth and human waste have turned it like a black gel.


Unabated encroachment that prevents the free flow of water, dumping of medicinal waste and waste of river passengers have compounded the problem, making the water unusable for humans and livestock. Construction of ETPs, relocating industries away from the city and imposing strict laws against any violation burigznga be vital and essential to take this forward.

Bangladesh’s polluted Buriganga river cries out for help | ThingsAsian

Many kinds of natural salts and other substances mix with rain water and finally fall in the rivers and ponds. People rinse these bags directly in the Buriganga and Turag Rivers. Experts feel that with a focus on integrated approach, various government departments must come together to save the river. Saturday 04 July Exceeding limit of trace elements or ions may mix with water directly may be produced from the pollutants caused various harm for human riverr other living beings.

Buriganga chokes on pollutants

One of the mainstays bkriganga the Bangladesh economy, as well as a major source of pollution is the brick industry. He lives near the Buriganga river. The Buriganga is economically very important to Dhaka. Water-borne diseases are also common. Gradually the Padma adopted its present course. Rahat Anis, who lives close to Rayer Bazar area says, “The water is red and foul-smelling.