Thorax. May;58 Suppl 2:ii BTS guidelines for the management of spontaneous pneumothorax. Henry M(1), Arnold T, Harvey J; Pleural Diseases. Management of spontaneous pneumothorax: British Thoracic Society Pleural Disease Guideline MacDuff A(1), Arnold A, Harvey J; BTS Pleural Disease . If Bilateral/Haemodynamically unstable proceed to chest drain. BTS Pleural Disease Guideline MANAGEMENT OF SPONTANEOUS PNEUMOTHORAX.

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Arterial gas monitoring may demonstrate hypoxia21 but the information gained is unlikely to alter the management plan. Comparison of intracavitary bleomycin and talc for control of pleural effusions secondary to carcinoma of the breast. Acute ventilatory failure from massive subcutaneous emphysema.

Spontaneous Pneumothorax

A clinicopathologic report of three cases and review of the literature. If the pneumothorax pnrumothorax large then some of the following features may be present:. Results of simple aspiration of pneumothoraces. Distribution of pneumothorax in the supine and semirecumbent critically ill adult. Conservative management of spontaneous pneumothorax. Plain and computed radiography for detecting experimentally induced pneumothorax in cadavers: Thoracoscopic pleurodesis in the management of spontaneous pneumothorax.

Safety and efficacy of video-assisted thoracic surgical techniques for the treatment of spontaneous pneumothorax.

BTS guidelines for the management of spontaneous pneumothorax

The most useful investigation is the PA chest radiograph despite the fact that it tends to under-estimate the size of a pneumothorax by virtue of it being a 2-dimensional image of a 3-dimensional structure. Manavement aspiration versus intercostal tube drainage for spontaneous pneumothorax in patients with normal lungs. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Experience with patients.


Oxygen therapy for spontaneous pneumothorax. Insertion in the safe triangle picture attempts to avoid injury to the long thoracic nerve and lateral thoracic spontansous, which sit in the mid-axillary line. Videothoracoscopic ligation of bulla and pleurectomy for spontaneous pneumothorax. April 12, at See our privacy policy for more information on what cookies are, how we use them and how to change your preferences.

Risk of pneumothorax not increased by obstructive lung disease in percutaneous needle biopsy. Complications after emergency tube thoracostomy: By definition, spontaneous pneumothoraces guidelnes in the absence of any trauma including iatrogenic causes to the chest wall.

Re-expansion pulmonary oedema is pneimothorax common in patients under 30 years old, those with late presentation of a pneumothorax and those with large pneumothoraces Effect of clinical guidelines on medical practice: Significance of iatrogenic pneumothoraces.

Treatment options and long-term results. Closing the gap between research and practice: Successful aspiration is associated with a much higher likelihood of discharge than chest drain insertion and fewer complications have been reported Unlike symptoms, the examination findings in primary spontaneous pneumothoraces are affected by the size of the pneumothorax. Primary spontaneous pneumothoraces occur in people with no underlying lung pathology.


In the last decade there has been a move toward inserting smaller drains percutaneously.

In thhe British Thoracic Society14, proposed a method for quantifying pneumothorax size on a PA radiograph by measuring the distance from the lung edge to the thoracic wall at the level of the hilum:. The presence of lung markings beyond the line in question, repeating the films with possible artefacts removed or comparison to previous films usually clarifies the situation.

Diagnosis and treatment of cystic fibrosis.

By continuing to use this site you are consenting to our use of cookies. Pneumothorax in cystic fibrosis: British Thoracic Society Research Committee. A decade of experience. Surg Clin North Manage,ent. Long-term results with tetracycline pleurodesis. Timing of invasive procedures in therapy for primary and secondary spontaneous pneumothorax. Radiologic and pathologic findings.

A pneumothorax is a collection of gas in the pleural space that results in a variable amount of lung collapse on the affected side. The lung capillaries become psontaneous following a pneumothorax and application of additional mechanical stresses can result in oedema. Pneumothorax in patients with AIDS.

Parietal pleurectomy for recurrent spontaneous pneumothorax. Sequential treatment of a simple pneumothorax.