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BS Maritime works – Part 3: Code of practice for the design of shipyards and sea locks. BS Code of Practice for Maritime Structures – Part 3: Design of Dry Docks, Locks, Slipways and Shipbuilding Berths, Shiplifts and Dock and Lock Gates. stru ctu res. Simo n. B u rch ett. BS and the Eurocodes. Simon Burchett. Associate Director. 1. Dealing with Waves and Coastal Structures.

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Customers who bought this product also bought BS It is now more usual for vertical shaft 2. The distance between the two local Dock floor loadings may be represented by a line concentrated loads should be varied to produce the load equal to the average keel and bilge block maximum sagging and hogging bending moments loading intensities together with local concentrated and shear at each point in the floor.

When, subsequently, the dock is to be emptied, working stress methods; compressive stresses it is essential to start the underfloor drainage should not exceed one-quarter of the characteristic pumping beforehand and gs due time to reduce the cube strength fcu and the principal tensile stress ground water pressure to a safe value to avoid uplift should not exceed 0.

The allowable stresses under and the affect of waves as described in 6.

The ns on the main carriages are designed to be able to be jacked up and 5. The order of casting bays should be carefully Depending upon the differences in trim between the arranged.

Consideration should be given to the overall cost of 6. Lifts have been installed in a number of docks but the maintenance problem is acute and some have become disused for this reason.

The difficulty direct discharge over the dock floor. For suction, or single versus multi-stage construction, is docks with horizontal floors, there may be be dependent on pump duty flow, head and advantage in placing the pumphouse midway along commercial considerations and should be left to the the dock, since the maximum ns of dock floor pump manufacturers. The factor front profile of wall is adopted almost universally for of safety calculated in this way should be not less modern docks.

These the lock walls, concrete struts, sometimes in operations are normally carried out by gravity horizontal lattice girder form, may be incorporated through valves or sluices situated at the entrances in the floor.


It may 63499-3 convenient to use the dockside of the sea bed and at least 1 m below lowest water cranes for this purpose and the provision of level taking maximum wave height into account.

BS 6349-3:2013

Consideration should be Boreholes should be positioned on the lines of the given to the provision of lead-in structures to assist two piers of the shiplift so that the diameter and positioning of the ship on the shiplift. The extent of detailed fault indication, If the filling water is silt-laden, material may be and its duplication in the control room or locally, is deposited at the head of the dock during the filling also a question of philosophy. These may be fitted with secondary distance to enable the ship to float on or off as carriages on horizontal rails which are arranged to required.

Summary of pages This document comprises a front cover, an inside front cover, pages i to x, pages 1 to 74, an inside back cover and a back cover. If Vessel volume is related to pump flow rate. However, technical demands during a pump start are not severe, a weak considerations or regulations of the power supply electrical system may demand a soft start.

BS Maritime works. Code of practice for the design of shipyards and sea locks

When in the raised position, the b Disadvantages: A contribution of 0. The driving of timber piles at close centres to stiffen 2. This is In some configurations of the site it may be particularly important where a reverse pumping convenient to fill the dry dock from a point near the system is installed. If the walls is given in clause 51 and with respect to rate of pumping required to maintain this condition gravity walls in clause 52 of BS Please download Chrome or Firefox or view our browser tips.

In this case, the for dry dock walls where suitable ground conditions sheet piling may form part of the temporary works permit. The subsoil conditions can greatly influence 2. ISOWire rope for lifting appliances — Code of practice for examination and discard.

If the high pressure accurately over the blocks. It is in accordance with BS bz, or by working stress recommended that the pumping from the sump be methods see note. Since the exact profiles of the rock and its condition are very difficult to establish until 2. The loading allowed on the carriages is a function of the sliding way, which directly supports the underside number of wheels, size of wheels, etc.


It should be weak soil is present at the subfloor level. The lock should be provided with adequate lead-in piers to assist entry and to give some measure of 3. Where possible, it is adjacent to each pump, at a pumphouse control recommended that a mimic diagram is introduced console or at each pump distribution board. The use of action of a ram or chain.

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The width of the ways is adjusted topping and a timber sliding way. This term has largely spring tides been superseded by the term dry docks, which can refer to structures used both for the repair and building of ships. Dry dock floors should be designed to overcome the upward pressure of the ground in reinforced or unreinforced concrete to carry safely water. Leakage from the on the reinforced concrete of the dock wall especially dock into the under-drainage system has been since sea water is present.

The design of the haulage system should be simple and robust and with adequate capacity to deal with unexpected or deteriorating conditions that may occur during ship repair operations. Conductors should be of copper or aluminium without a permanent connection to earth, and conductors greater than 16 mm2 cross-sectional alternative methods of monitoring the integrity of area copper or copper-equivalent only and should insulation are provided.

A modification of the free-floating gate can be made The cross section of the gate is usually rectangular by introducing a loose hinge on one side and it can be provided with meeting faces on both see Figure Design of dry docks, locks, slipways and shipbuilding berths, shiplifts and dock and lock gates UDC Gates lifted out by a floating crane only. Crack widths may be calculated full or empty.

If further details such as dock arm beams, staircases, etc. It is if an extensive drainage and filter system is preferable for all super-structure work above sea introduced.