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I am not aware if it stands as realistic in the world of metrology, but it is my personal best shot, as a simple Industrial electrician.

Brymen BM869s Multimeter

The above comparison of those three meters acts as one example which shown that the UA is able to offer more in brymdn Duty cycle measurement, if this is what you really need, in the cost of a been a bit less responsive. The BM specifications by the book are up to 1MHz. Good enough in both. Results with square wave, and max obtained stable frequency reading: It is well written and easy to understand, and totally complete about every technical specification about the multimeter, as example: By having in mind that this multimeter it is not designed to be a standalone Data logger, I can not accuse the specific battery selection as insufficient.

Holster and tilt bail The holster it is well made, and with the tilt bail open, the meter stands solid like a rock on the bench, BRYMEN had use a very wide tilt bail brymej it, the feeling of the total stability brings a big smile on my face. For example in the question: Simple to use and friendly software, I love it. Tools for truly experienced and productive human brains. With no force at all and just gentle moves, they perform nicely. The range switch, well honestly even if it works well enough, I am a bit disappointed from it.

Yes you can find what ever product you wish in China, and at the price level that you wish too, but the faith about the quality of the product, it is not always there. Some of the special measuring particulars of the multimeter include brmen example the high-speed capacitance measurements that allow readings of 25 mF within seconds.


The unit comes with one K-type thermocouple. Thermocouple The BM comes with one thermocouple, which has medium construction quality, by speaking about the banana plugs.

At the bottom of this review there is pictures as confirmation, the display remained crystal clear and responsive, vm869 BM it did win in this test brumen. When the 9V battery reaches the lowest acceptable limit that is 5V at 20mA load, the BM it will reject the battery, and it will lock up displaying InErr on the main LCD, and it will keep beeping all the time.

The battery is already inserted into the meter, so it is ready to measure as you unpack it. I would suggest to BRYMEN to take under consideration all those details, especially for multimeter’s that would be exported in the Europe. By looking the other models of BRYMEN it is visible that they do use wider range selectors is some of them, and that makes BM to simply be an exception. Within a very short time frame, Crest can measure and display the Min-Max values automatically. When is set face up with out bm69 tilt bail the contrast is good.

This review is the first ever written about the BM, and I do feel proud about been the first reviewer who wrote it. The duration of my tests at those frequencies was limited to bm8869 to 20 seconds max. Definitely it would not disappoint as portable hm869 either, it is features rich multimeter, with CAT IV V, with excellent test leads and loaded with all the features bryen industrial field work.

I like to thanks Mr. I bought it, because, I accidently burned my bbm869 meter with voltage over V. Part — 2 Introduction with the BM Dear Kiriakos, I do find your report very informative.

In addition, the meter also offers support for measuring most VFDs. Part — 3 Exploring the basic features. If the BM was coming also with one set of professional crocodile clips FLUKE stylethis multimeter would have the most complete set of test leads, ever offered. Due the fully bryen back light timer which can be also disabled if needed. The test leads looked a bit short for the size of my palm and the finger guards a bit narrow for my taste, even so the general impression remains very good.


Frequency counter On the Duty cycle test, I have followed to the letter all the suggested technical specifications, but for the frequency counter test I decided to act wild. Bar graph — speed comparison.

The BM it is very fresh as model but even so it does circulates in Europe, and about parts and technical support there is available, up to a point. And so the BM it beymen I was using the Min-Max-Average REC-R function, and the flashing battery indicator attracted my attention, I tested instantly to see what happens in the other ranges, and it was triggered only at Min-Max and in bryen capacitance mode. This enables connecting two thermocouples at the same time to perform two measurements simultaneously.

BM Digital Multimeter 2x LCD Bargraph41segmx/s 5x/s Bms Brymen | eBay

The content of this web site is copyright protected. The test was made by having the capacitors all ready discharged.

On the battery cover, even if this multimeter does not have waterproof specifications, there is an o-ring that it would stop any liquid from getting in it, especially when it is out of the holster.

Even me that I own 10 multimeter’s today, I like to keep the BM for ever in my personal collection of tools. What is your favorite Magento feature? Triantafillou, Industrial maintenance electrician, Hellas. This made me to play with my DC power supply for long time, by trying to find with a major difficulty a voltage setting that the final count will be different.

The BM with the 16 seconds timer it can not compete.