Bruiser – Book Description. TENNYSON: Don’t get me started on The Bruiser. He was voted “Most Likely to Get the Death Penalty” by the entire school. He’s the. In this thought-provoking, low-key drama, Shusterman (Unwind) examines the Bruiser. Neal Shusterman, HarperTeen, $ (p) ISBN. Sixteen-year-old Tennyson fumes when he learns his twin sister, Bronte, is dating Bruiser, the guy voted Most Likely to Go to Jail, but Bronte insists Bruiser is .

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But you can’t look away from the car wreck, especially when it’s as irresistible as this unstoppable kid. Overall, that same illogical side of my brain coupled with my morbid curiosity to find out what else Shusterman has up his sleeve, will lead me to grab the first copy of UnWholly when it hits the shelf.


How do I accurately tell how much I enjoyed this book? And it’s perfect to see from a bully’s perspective once and a while. Everlost and Everwild are pretty hard to beat, too. This book is art. But as Shusterman points out, happiness is always on the horizon.

There were some excellent friendship moments in this, including a nice bromance between two of our main characters. shusteman

Without the pain, then you are just standing still. Because when he cares about you, things start to happen. Would you go on and live with your pain, or would you give it up and live a carefree existence, knowing every little thing that harm This book was exceptional in terms of characterization and its ability to make me mull over a moral dilemma.


But, this book is so brukser more!

One thing is certain: Soon enough Tennyson finds out the reason why Bronte could not stay away from Brewster and sees what she sees, and befriends him as well. His mind his torn by the emotions of all the people he cares about. If I knew that my sister or mother or even good friend would be taking all of my pain and injuries for me, I’d be pretty darn careful about what I did.

It’s never explained why he has this ability, and unlike most YA novels involving supernatural elements, the kids don’t go all Nancy Drew and try to unravel the mystery surrounding Bruiser’s ability. October 5, at 4: I wanted everything to be okay and I wanted everything to be perfect, but like I said, Bruiser is one of those books that completely blindsides you.

It plagues the human race, but it’s still shrouded in mystery. The paranormal element worked, it was different, a little strange at first, but once you understand what’s h 4. It’s the kind of book that hits something really deep inside you, and after I read the last page this was a lovely edition by the way, with lots of extra content!

I was in dire need of decent YA read and Bruiser delivered. I would explain more, but because I didn’t know anything about where the plot would go or what genre it was, I appreciated it that much more.


Especially when there are characters like Tennyson??? We can become addicted to emotional pain-killers just as we can to physical pain killers.

Summaries and Excerpts: Bruiser / Neal Shusterman.

February 2, at 7: Basically the characters can be described like this: This book should be brusier movie its like a play i pictured this whole book in my head and it was absolutely exhilarating this shustermn the only book i want to read and will forever read.

All the complaints aside, it’s an interesting, unusual, original, and well-plotted book. I know, because they’re happening to me. And I don’t even know what the point was of including Cody’s perspective.

He is forced to take away the pain from the ones he loves, even when he doesn’t want to, and this is exactly why he cannot care about anyone too deeply, if he wants to survive.

Bruiser is a beautifully written novel that deals with heavy themes while adding a magical realism twist to the story. Currently Neal is bruizer his novel Everlost as a feature film for Universal Studios. Would I try to help him insulate himself from others?

His voice is written in verse which sets him apart even more and breathes some fresh air into book that is so deep at times its almost stifling.