Our detailed Instruction Booklet explains how Parkerizing works and takes you through the process step-by-step with plenty of helpful trouble shooting info. I’m going to use directions specific to the phosphate solution I’m used to .. I’ve done this using the manganese solution off of brownells, it pit a. Parkerizing – Products. Parkerizing Instructions · PARKERIZING SUPPLIES ONLY · BROWNELLS. Unfortunately, this product cannot be ordered. Parkerizing.

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WD is what they told us to use at a recent build party, nrownells we left it on for 24h before wiping off then coating in actual oil.

Add your phosphate solution to the correct proportion. Still, as you mention, there is a very good chance of fucking up. I just got off the phone with Wilson Combat. Use whatever you have available to do so. Before we start, let me clarify “easy”. This drying step is especially crucial, because next comes media blasting and you don’t want moisture in your blasting cabinet or media.

No links to sweepstakes No links to opinion blogs No open-ended questions: Don’t half-ass it, instruvtions don’t want any blasting media left over on the part. You don’t want anything left over on the part. Wipe off any excess oil, clean up your shit, ijstructions dispose of all chemicals according to federal, state, and local law.


I’m pretty sure that was a right secured by our founding fathers! It really is pretty straightforward. Add Iron Toss some scrap iron, iron chips, or steel wool into the basin. Plugging the cylinders is probably unnecessary. I think I can find one locally with a totally jacked up finish for cheaper. If you’re doing an AR barrel for example, plug the chamber and the muzzle as well as the gas port. Where can I send my to have this done by someone who knows what they’re doing? If you don’t have an oil tank to dunk it in after parkerizing, spray the fuck out of it with WD You’re not going to hurt anything by doing it again.

IMO once you buy all these items its going to be as much if not more than paying someone to do parkeerizing. Rinse Yes, another rinse step. Insrructions barrels don’t need to be plugged, but it doesn’t hurt. Read the directions for whatever shit you bought.

Ten Easy Steps to Parkerizing Your Gun Parts at Home : guns

News links require mod PRE-approval. You may find something brwnells a better fit for your one-time job at home, or that you can buy in smaller quantities.

Don’t use an inline oil setup, do use an inline moisture filter setup. Wear gloves for this whole step, or the boogie man will get brownrlls.


Shits a drug man. Trust me, you can do this on your kitchen stove, parkerjzing if you just follow the directions to the letter it is no harder than making soup. I think they’d look pretty sweet park’d. Self Posts require a descriptive body text. Some kind of hot plate or whatever might work, or some sort of heating element off an old stove. Don’t worry about why, just assume it’s part of the magical chemical process.

  HCPL 0453 PDF

Violating the following rules will result in post removal and possibly a ban: Parkerize with the kit, the solution already has everything you need in it.

Again, DI water is best but not completely necessary. Cool cool, figured as much. Strip all parts from the frame. The problem is sometimes I start eyeing my other pieces with perfectly fine finishes and want to blast and park those too.

Anyway, you’re all done.

I should add that you won’t get the nifty Parkerized green you’re hoping for. Anything that can reach at least F and maintain a consistent temperature will work I have a friend that does ceramics.

Just don’t use sandbox sand. I’ve looked at them, finish ranges from bad to meh. WD isn’t a lubricant, but that’s not what you’re using it for here. I had to refresh myself. It was even easier than I thought.