Guía de práctica clínica sobre la bronquiolitis aguda: recomendaciones para la .. de la solución salina hipertónica al 3% en la bronquiolitis aguda del lactante . Pinto E, Flores Pérez P. Estudio sobre la eficacia y utilidad de la solución salina hipertónica al 3% en la bronquiolitis aguda del lactante hospitalizado. Palabras clave: Bronquiolitis Aguda, Virus Sincitial Respiratorio, Epidemiologia, Microbiología, Solucion Salina Hipertonica.

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Nebulized hypertonic saline for bronchiolitis in the emergency department: Wohl ME, Chernick V.

Ital JPediatr ;43 1: N Engl J Med. Amirav I, Newhouse MT. The days of hospitalization and the hours of oxygen therapy were used as the result measurement.

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Assessing the impact of national guidelines on the management of children hospitalized for acute bronchiolitis. RESULTS The total number of patients admitted with an AB diagnosis and younger than seven months during the, and seasons included in this study wasof whom The literature we reviewed included studies done with hospitalised patients and studies with patients that sought emergency room care but were not admitted to the hospital.

There was no significant difference between the groups. Accessed January 5, Table 1 shows the general characteristics of the patients and the comparisons between the two groups according to the treatment they received, and we saw that there were no significant differences between them.


Li G, Zhao J. Direct medical costs of bronchiolitis hospitalizations in the United States. We bbronquiolitis not perform sample size calculations because we considered that the number of admissions with an AB diagnosis in the selected period was within the expected range, and also bronquiolittis to the unpredictability of the incidence of this disease.


The children that presented at least one of the following symptoms during the emergency room visit were admitted to the hospital: Bronquioliis saline nebulization for bronchiolitis. The tale of 2 trials: We ought to emphasise that these results cannot be extrapolated to ambulatory patients, who at that level of care do not require oxygen therapy.

Immunomodulatory constituents of human breast milk and immunity from bronchiolitis. A double-blind placebo-controlled trial.

J Thorac Dis ;9 7: Expert Rev Respir Med. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. The total number of patients admitted with an AB diagnosis and younger than seven months during the, and seasons included in this study wasof whom Inf Ter Sist Nac Salud.

The potential beneficial effects of hypertonic saline solution may be due to its theoretical ability to lower the viscosity and elasticity of the mucous gel: The bronquiolitus who received bfonquiolitis.

Risk factors for requiring intensive care among children admitted to ward with bronchiolitis. Utility of hypertonic saline in the management of acute bronchiolitis in infants: Hypertonic saline solutions HSS are composed of sodium chloride dissolved in distilled water. Thus far, oxygen therapy is the only treatment that has been shown to improve the clinical hipergonica of AB, which is why the management of these patients is based on general supportive care measures 8.


Effectiveness of nebulized hypertonic saline and epinephrine in hospitalized infants with bronchiolitis.

We excluded from the study children with chronic respiratory problems or cardiopathies, and those children who presented with critical AB illness requiring admission to the intensive care unit. Evidencebased bronquioolitis is underway to define target populations and optimal flows.

Wurzel DF, Ranganathan S. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. Making an overall rating of confidence in effect estimates for a soljcion outcome and for all outcomes. No evidence that heliox inhalation therapy improves important outcomes for infants with bronchiolitis.

Is there a role for prophylactic dexamethasone? Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med.

Bronquiolitis | Pediatría

Rev Posgrado de la VI. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria.

The relationship between nasopharyngeal CCL5 and microbiota on disease severity among infants with bronchiolitis.