You can find the manual for your Bremshey Cross Trainer below. Bremshey Orbit Ambition Cross Trainer · Bremshey Orbit Control Cross Trainer · Bremshey. Check the reed sensor also known as the speed sensor. It is located on the front roller pulley. It is mounted to the frame and looks like a small. 18TSFC_Star Fit C HR i-Plus Crosstrainer_OMpdf . _Bremshey Orbit Ambition C_User Manual. pdf. MB.

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There is a slight delay between receiving the first pulse and the servo-motor operating.

Inside each swing krbit joint there is a combination of a sealed bearing and sinter bearing. From the drive belt side, slide the flywheel off of the axle. After heating, the bearings can be removed with a puller e. Re-install brush port covers. Always when servicing fitness equipment be sure that the power has been switch off and the mains cable is plugged off.

Before removing the covers from a machine powered by mains transformer it will be necessary to remove the power socket from the rear of the cover. Remove the internal circlip from the centre of the flywheel assembly. ESD can be uncomfortable — even painful for the user and destructive when it involves electronic components.

Make sure the brush clips are seated firmly. The cross frames often need to be replaced in this situation. Re-attach new tension motor. Additionally, the tread will have very fine metal wires running through it to help reduce static build up on the belt caused by the friction between the belt and the rollers.

Check Ear Sensor replace. Figure 1 Lift motor potentiometer adjustment and how it affects on readout value All information subject to changes without notice If the potentiometer has lost its position it can be lifted up by removing the two attachment screws. Drum cover and cross frame assembly 1. If there is any lateral movement this could indicate that the securing bolt is loose. To ensure that the potentiometer maintains the correct calibration setting, use pliers to press some ridges to the potentiometers shaft.


Remove the screws for the metal finger guards that are screwed to the end of the deck and take out the guards. The case can also be that a second-hand lower board has been installed to the frame. Big capacitors on the control board might retain high voltage level even for several hours after the unit has been plugged off from the power outlet. Check suitability of user. If the drive side unit is worn or cracked the items can be exchanged providing that the speed sensor magnet is relocated.

Continue to rotate the drum whilst forcing the belt to remain in place with your hand. The flywheel axle is glued to roller bearings type RS inside flanges In general, access to the transmission is gained by removing left covers and brake system requires right-hand.

Reverse the removal procedure. Manual Resistance Control There 3 basic components to this type. To re-fit new bearings push one bearing into the bearing housing and tap lightly with a soft faced hammer until the face of the bearing is flush with the top of the flywheel face. Copyright Accell Fitness Division 12 All information subject to changes. Repeat the removal process with the other side. Try new Battery in HR belt 2. Lift motor power cable disconnected Lift motor electronically damaged preventing the movement Error can be reset only by disconnecting the power cable.

Due to uncertainty concerning the service actions to the treadmills in case of the E7 error code, please find below instructions how to remove the E7 error.

Manuals for Bremshey Cross Trainers

After the update is completed, the user interface is automatically reseted and the start-up can take up to 30 seconds.


Potentiometer values will show in the Time window. The error can only appear when voltage is supplied to the electromagnet. It may be necessary to isolate the flywheel by detaching the drive belt as shown previously.

Action to rectify 1. From there the machine is grounded using a three-pronged plug into the wall.

“service manual”

Check cable is moving freely at all points. Remove wheel bracket from frame. Levelling screws should be set so that the machine is level. To remove any friction, lightly tap the end of the krbit with a soft faced hammer. Resistance Mechanisms There are 3 types of brake control used. To achieve this, the tension must be released from the cable.

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If a user complains that either of these settings are incorrect or a new servo-motor is fitted the following procedure should followed. The primary intention of this Service Manual is to enhance the reader’s knowledge of the structures of the treadmills.

It compares the parameters that they are matching and are within preset limits bremshy Table Please ensure that at this point the the belt remains on the resistance flywheel boss by observing its position during rotation.

Use a wrench to turn the top half of the extractor tool until the 2 units are separated. NA Height storage position To have original parameters in effect again one needs to manually add them to the memory through Service menu. Exit the engineering mode by the same key sequence as in entering.

Most treadmills will be grounded against ESD with grounding wires going from the electronics majual the frame of the machine.