Boxing has 34 ratings and 1 review. Steve said: Originally published in , this is the best book of it’s kind I’ve been able find from the era. EDWIN L. HAISLET is Executive Director, Department of Alumni Relations, University of Minnesota. He was formerly Boxing Coach and Assistant Professor of. Results 1 – 7 of 7 Boxing by Haislet, E. and a great selection of related books, art and Boxing. Haislet, Edwin L. Published by New York: The Ronald Press.

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Perform the movement with the wrist and arm.

A left-hand lead should be used only when the left foot is moved. This is a very effec- technique against a left jab and may also be used as the basis of one-two combination blow. The principle of the rod must be observed at all times, no swinging, no swaying, hauslet pushing off with the right foot. The secret of the proper stance is to keep the feet always directly under the body which means that the feet should be a medium dis- tance apart.

Farcounty Press rated it did not like it Oct 01, A few of the most common counters are listed below. Suddenly straighten the body and whip the arm to the solar plexus.

Niall Fogarty rated it liked it Feb edwkn, The Elements of Attack To avoid leads it must he decided whether hailet counter attack should be one- or two-handed. Move the elbow only as much as needed. Once the straight line of the left side of the body is broken, power is lost because the straight left side of the body is the anchor, the pivot point, the hinge from which power and force is generated to its greatest height.


The same is true edqin bent-arm blows except there are more of them—the short hook, the swing, and the uppercut.

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Hitting is done with the body, not the arms; the arms are merely the vehicles of force. The blow is delivered on a straight line and returned on a straight line.

Move one full step to the right with the right foot shifting the body-weight over the straight right leg Figure 67, page The leverage guard 1. It is the only true straight blow. Fundamental blocks are those defensive measures which require a minimum of skill and allow a maximum of hislet.

Boxing by Edwin L. Haislet (1940, Hardback)

It is used as protection after missing a blow, when hurt or fatigued. It allows complete relaxation yet at the same time gives a muscle tonus most favorable blxing quick reaction time. Slip to the outside position and hook the left to the chin.

Then set up a personal list of libraries from your profile page by clicking on your user name at the top right of any screen. The shoulder block—Assume the fundamental position. The the right arm is driven into complete extension. Carry the left hand about shoulder height and off the left shoulder to the left as far as possible without raising boxinh left elbow.


Feints used too often in the same way will enable the opponent to time them for a counter attack, thus defeating their very purpose. Draw a left lead and slip to the inside position, hands carried high. National Library of Australia.

It is, however, a sequence which seems to bring the quickest results and greatest skill with a minimum output of time and energy. It means moving just enough in accomplish eedwin purpose, in order to make an opponent miss or to deliver a counter blow effectively.

However, the opposite elbow may be used. The right hand is in position to block or counter Figure 57, page This guard will attain the inside position.

Boxing by Edwin L. Haislet (, Hardback) | eBay

The head is carried well forward and is protected by the extended left arm. Use against a straight left lead. As the oppo- nent leads a right eddwin, move the left shoulder forward forming a point against which the thumb of the open right glove may be hooked and then catch the hoxing in the open right glove.

Thus the quick advance, which allows sudden movement forward without loss of body balance. This single location in Australian Capital Territory: