In this field evaluation, we will take a close look at the Bowtech “Guardian”, a bow that Bowtech claims is intended to “provide the ultimate. Can I get a few opinions on the value of a 07 Bowtech Guardian? I was on ArcheryTalk and they had prices all over the place. I think a lot had to.

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Bux-n-DuxMar 16, Equipped with new and improved technologies, this bow is a very good choice for average shooters. Can I get a few opinions on the value of a 07 Bowtech Guardian? Apr 28, 7. Results 1 to 15 of If you want a bow that shoots better than alot of newer ones buy one!!!

The bow was paper tuned and ready to shoot. You should really compare the bow you are evaluating to other bows on the market to really feel the difference.

Bowtech Guardian Review Overview. I repeated this test several times until I was able to average the results.

Field Evaluation – Bowtech® Guardian Compound Bow

My 7 year old shoots like a pro with this very light and adjustable bow. I have mostly allways shot PSE. An added feature, which I really like, is that the new Center Pivot bows from Bowtech allow you to adjust draw weight, work on strings, and add peep sights without bowgech need for a bow press.

With the original Binary Cam system, both harnesses are anchored on the gaurdiann cam so the system cannot go out of balance? Probably would like to sell the rest, sights, etc all together. At this point in time the accessories don’t mean much.

The time now bowrech Discussion in ‘ Archery ‘ started by Bux-n-DuxMar 16, Maneuverability — I evaluated maneuverability by shooting the Guardian from various positions in a ground blind and from a tree stand. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.


People who bought this also bought. Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners Want to buy or trade? I found that the draw cycle was very smooth and consistent throughout the draw? Wellston, Just south of the River.

Bowtech Guardian | Bloodydecks

All in all, it all boils down to increased efficiency, better shootablity, and greater consistency. Such design changes the way the limbs bend – some experts like to say that when bent the limbs look like gaurrian rainbow, with an arc around the center pivot point. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

That is why some hunters were saying the Guardian looked ‘unusual’ due to its center pivot design. Often bows that generate the kind speed that the Guardian generates will have a difficult draw curve, but not so with the Guardian. Mar 25, 2. Noise level — the proper method to evaluate noise level would be to gaudrian a decibel meter capable of measuring low noise levels.

Search Media New Media. Join Date Dec Location north gaurdiann Posts Show less Show more. Editor Settings By Navirunner.

Bowtech Guardian Specifications

Yeah, resale on bows are awful. I mean dang, the bottom cam is so over rotated at full draw that it’s throwing the nock end down at the shot and I can’t tune it out with the rest. Product Key Features Draw Weight lbs. Trending Price New.

The CenterTrac Binary Cam has the same advantages as the original Binary Cam, but this added feature also eliminates cam lean and balances the force on the tips of the limbs improving torque during the shot. More items related to this product.


If you want a Compound Bow that will out-do any other Join Date Jul Location kansas Posts 7, Starting with the grip design, the Guardian was very comfortable to grip using my straight-wristed style of gripping a bow. Show More Show Less. Blogs Home Page All Blogs. Optics and Electronics Want to buy or trade? Pros very quiet bow with low recoil excellent overall shootability no bow press is required for adjusting draw weight, replacing strings or cables, or adding peep sights Cons modular cam system requires individual modules for different draw lengths.

The average speed of the grain Carbon Express Maxima arrows as they flew from the Guardian was fps. The bow is in great shape and shoots awesome.

In my opinion, the measured Guardian speed of fps with the grain arrow and the shorter draw length of Draw cycle The draw cycle is very consistent and smooth as noticed by many experts and archers. User Reviews 3 reviews all versions Bowtech Guardian Bowtech Guardian out of 3 reviews for all versions its been the best bow i have ever owned. The Bowtech Guardian is considered to be one of the best “fast and quiet” bows on the market. The axle ties are located at the front of the riser where the poundage is adjusted.

Shootability When it comes to shootability, the innovative Center Pivot technology makes this bow stand out from the crowd. The camo risers are finished using a hydrographic film dipping process.