Bouchon Bakery is a cookbook written by American chef Thomas Keller and Sebastien Rouxel. The cookbook’s pastry recipes are based on those from. Bouchon Bakery also markets itself to home bakers, although most recipes need professional equipment, ingredients, or plenty of four-handed maneuvers. Except for a few minor quibbles, I think Bouchon Bakery is one of the Recipes for right now: Olive Oil Cake, Cinnamon Honey Scones, Hot.

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I have made at least two of the recipes so far – the bacon cheddar scones are just divine and disappeared from the conference table in a flash. Nov 04, Zomick’s Bakery rated it really liked it.

Still, I don’t know how you’d wrestle with this in a kitchen. Born in October 14,is an American chef, restaurateur, and cookbook writer. Also, there is a significant section on bread-making which is kind of wasted on me, since I am not interested in making bread.

Big plus is for having nice photos of the food recipes. Thomas Keller is a man of precision, taste, and understanding when it comes to baking. This will be the fifth book in a series led by Thomas Keller that began with The French Laundry Nouchon which is one of the best chef-restaurant cookbooks ever do we need full dislosure here? Bocuhon is also expensive to cook from this book for the same reasons it is not for home bakers.

Bouchon Bakery by Thomas Keller

There are recipes in here that I’m likely never going to make – Bouchon Bakery house specialties which I don’t care too much about right now in my quest to learn the classics – but they’re sure fun to bbouchon at and read about. Bouchon Bakery cookboko markets itself to home buchon, although most recipes need professional equipment, ingredients, or plenty of four-handed maneuvers. She is best buds with my old next door neighbor Marie from bouxhon Rocky River days.


Let’s assume you’re not a professional browsing this cookbook for ideas the book definitely speaks to them with its numerous “Note to professionals” sections and that you’re a home baker like moi.

Jun 22, Pattie Tierney rated it liked it. The pictures were fine. Some aren’t required and you can improvise a little yeah, I use normal muffin pans and the normal oven that came with my apartment Much of the equipment needed for at least half of the recipes would not be found in the average kitchen.

They allow me to replicate foodstuffs that I miss from the US, Better Nutters especially even if I do have to eat them all by myself because Brits seem to have an aversion to peanuts, even if they put almonds in everything. That sure looks more bluchon than dealing with criminals, lawyers and judges all day.

Kropp rated it it was amazing Shelves: Carri Wow, Susie has one awesome kitchen! I’m still reading it when I like to try something new. Hanging out in the bakery was just part of the process, my seeing the bread in porduction.

If you are a foodie, own a restaurant that is struggling, or are contemplating getting into the business, follow this man’s lead and you will never go wrong. Need I say more?

May 20, Kelsey Forkner rated it it was amazing. Feb 14, M. Following the rules earned me beautifully airy and moist muffins.

Baking is a unifying force. Like the basic American I am, I can’t wait to learn the macarons and croissants. This is a nouchon, if weighty cookbook. People would sit in the bakeries to eat their croissants; This cookbook was wrote in California, USA. It is also not for the inexperienced cook who would be unable to spot the numerous inconsistencies throughout this book.


No resto achei muito bom! The epis are loaded into a basket and run next door bakeyr the bistro Bouchon.

Bouchon Bakery

Have both Tartine books. Whatever recipe I choose, I am sure it will savor of disappointment.

I’ve gotten accustomed to weighing ingredients though this is the first book I’ve encountered to whisk eggs and put thru a sieve prior to weighing for a recipe. Nov 30, B rated it it was amazing. I have great respect for her any project she graces!

As an editor I understanding the reasoning, but I’m not a huge fan of having to flip between lots of different pages for the components of one recipe. Saquib, the best way to store the bread is to keep in the freezer the moment it gets to the room temperature June 15th, It doesn’t make allowances for those of us who don’t have the half a grand or massive kitchen space that isn’t already being taken up by this book to spare on a stand mixer.

There a is rhubarb recipe that uses a technique of cooking the rhubarb first and then making a tart around it. If you enjoy, as I do, reading cookbooks, then you will certainly enjoy this one.