The Authoritarians [Bob Altemeyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Authoritarians summarizes the research of Dr. Robert Altemeyer. Click here to order a printed, bound copy of The Authoritarians from for $ plus shipping. Bob Altemeyer has a new book out, Sex and Youth $ Robert Anthony “Bob” Altemeyer (born 6 June ) is a retired Professor of Psychology at the University of Manitoba. He produced the test and scale for ” RWA” or right-wing authoritarianism.

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Bob Altemeyer – RationalWiki

Jun 11, notgettingenough rated it did not like it Shelves: I sat there listening to them telling me what a great thing abortion was and how much better it would be for children who were orphans and became adopted. Trying to understand the people who support the rise of alt-right and ignore the scandals and alliances of it’s leaders?

Jul 10, Hadrian rated it liked it Shelves: Trivia About The Ahthoritarians.

The big problem, I’ve noted, is that all this is still self-reported behavior. These people tend to be highly religious, accepting of any authority, and prone to aggression against those who are not in their group. I’m going to capture some bits and pieces here that particularly resonate with me. The greater an authoritarian i. Preview — The Authoritarians by Bob Altemeyer.

It maybe found here: When writing my book Conservatives Without Conscience Penguin, about the authoritarianism that was gaining influence in the Republican Party in the early s, I read most everything that social scientists had alhemeyer say about folks with such dispositions.

Written inis a altemryer read in the context of today US elections. We all need to understand these people better. After all, I have written this Nixon had little means of communicating directly with his supporters. The Debt Ceiling Debacle of last year is a good example. Altemeyer has developed a second scale to measure this, based on a similar type of questionnaire. The article above refers to the following further reading material: A random set of notes on this book, in descending date order.


This is a fascinating, horrifying and very important set of findings about what’s driving the Religious Right of US politics and the impact it’s having on the country and by extension the world. Although Altemeyer applies this tradition to the worst elements of the Tea Party authoritariaans an addenda, he notes that the nam This is an interesting little study about a personality type, and its possible political implications.

If asked by the police, I would help hunt down and arrest members of religious cults. That is the Harry Potter authoritarian. It feels like a skeleton key to politics. What others do you think there might be? Then, once in power, the followers are so I’m not exactly sure what it was that didn’t catch me about this book.

The Authoritarians

We know enough about authoritarian supporters from research, and history, to know it will be very hard to change their minds about the leader they adore. Nobody would approve of that, right? The Liberals are gone. Leader diktats and social pressure both discourage both independence and dissent; and RWAs authoritarlans demonize outgroups as a further incentive to obedience to the social order.

Bob Altemeyer

I would support the execution of religious cult leaders if he government insisted it was necessary to protect the country. They just have extra portions of quite common human frailties.

That book relied heavily on Robert Altemeyer’s studies involving authoritarian personalities. The experiment I found most convincing had him showing subjects the passages from the four Gospels describing the events of Easter Morning. Just the scary ones. So why don’t I just bow down to the data? The “old-fashioned ways” and the “old-fashioned values” still show the best way to live. Altemeyer asks students what they consider the best explanation for these internal contradictions and inconsistencies.

View all 48 comments. A psychologist shares the results of his psychological studies examining the specific personality trait of authoritarianism.

Bob Altemeyer – Wikipedia

There’s a lot more, but I won’t repeat it all here because it’d bloat this review unnecessarily, and also it’s all available in the wikipedia article if you want an easy list. Now, it’s my country, my democracy that is under direct attack by Double High Religious Right-wingers who — incidentally — have been insidiously, directly, deliberately advised by GW Bush strategists.


This work is grounded in science as much as possible, and in the process we learn a great deal about how social scientists quantify and define psychological factors.

They compartmentalize their thinking and often express opinions that are internally inconsistent. They are, by definition, people who both believe that the aythoritarians around them are in need of a strong leader, and want to become that leader; they are, moreover, willing to lie and dissemble to whatever extent is needed.

Views Read Edit Fossil record. Half of the last chapter of The Authoritarians is about the Milgram Experimentwhich is one of the most famous psychological experiments and also show how incredibly easy it is for the average person to fall back on familiar behavior patterns–“obey authority figures,” say–instead of really reasoning things out in some kind of impartial cost-benefit analysis or in the spirit of universal compassion.

I could only bear to read about the first 50 pages of this in depth. The name “Right Wing Authoritarian” is, in retrospect, sort of a terrible name, since what it’s really testing for is “Authoritarian Submission” – the personality type that thinks the government is always right, no matter how many people it kills, that protesters should have “just stayed home”, etc.

A fascinating and alarming look at the authoritarian mindset, both among authoritarian leaders and authoritarian followers, based mostly but not entirely on the author’s own research. View all 6 comments. And as for such a person’s followers, well, this apparently is what they want: