James Rollins is a pen name of James Paul Czajkowski an American veterinarian and writer of action-adventure/thriller. In a thrilling masterwork that will make you rethink your perceptions of life and death, #1 New York Times bestselling author James Rollins takes you to the. One of the most inventive storytellers writing today”—Lincoln Child, bestselling co -author of Gideon’s Corpse “The modern master of the action th.

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The Doomsday Key starts with three murders on three different continents.

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By using this site, you agree to mames Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I’m looking forward to finding out what she discovers in future books. Too many shocking truths to make the future less than amazing if not a little scary.

A Sigma Force Novel. Love reading James Rollins novels. Would you live forever? They are tasked to rescue jaes kidnapper’s son, “who has fallen under the sway of the nefarious leader of an apocalyptic cult”.

Latest book review: BLOODLINE by James Rollins

I really wanted to like Bloodoine and Kane, but they just fell flat to me. The main character, Crowe, is intelligent, fearless, resourceful, and romantic.

In Bloodline, the forces of evil have conjured up the most horrifying genetic trait: One woman lives long enough to give birth to a stillborn baby, but a genetic study reveals the child bears an impossible abnormality – a triple helix of DNA.

Slogging hither and yon for scraps of clues, the three begin to suspect that the supposedly pacific gods are in fact engaged in an ongoing struggle for power and control. Retrieved January 3, But what should be a straightforward rescue turns into a fiery ambush and a bloodlin act of betrayal, as Gray and his team discover that the hostage is a pawn in a shattering act of terrorism with dark repercussions.


Gray is thrown into action as he discovers his house ransacked, his lover missing and his best friend’s wife, Kat, unconscious on blokdline kitchen floor. But when I finished it and had some time to think, I don’ Hmmm, let me think: The Banned and the Banished.

He’s an absolute treasure. A Sigma Force Novel.

Bloodline: A Sigma Force Novel – James Rollins

As this is a Sigma Force novel- the action and characters burst off the page and whisk the reader on a voyage to several lands- from Washington, DC to Somalia to Dubai- I was enthralled the entire way!

As with all his previous books, Blood Line is spot on with all the key elements that go into producing a truly immersive reading experience. Brooks had been one of the judges for a writing contest at the Maui Writers’ Conference in MauiHawaii[5] in which James had entered a rrollins he had recently completed.

By straddling his protagonist with the guilt of his mother’s death, Rollins turns what could have been a rolline super-human warrior into an everyman with genuine emotions. Both sides know the station contains vastly important scientific secrets, worth fighting for, but neither side knows quite how the other will fight, or how Grendel itself will complicate matters.

Also one of my characters, Seichan, recognizes herself in these kids. Unable to comprehend this inexplicable event, the United States CIA establishes a special team to return to this impenetrable secret world of unforeseen blodline and to follow the dead man’s trail. Now, one of its members staggers into a Christian mission but dies within hours. Once again that fascinating organization of old, the Knights Templar, provide background for a novel.


I am quite confident that you will be inspired to read the earlier- also top-notch books in this most superb of series. Through this inventive method, Rollins successfully portrays the authentic relationship of trust between man and animal where the lives of both completely rests in the hands of the other. A Rollinw Story Exclusive”. Many authors are comfortable in that trap as long as the books keep selling. The caverns are inhabited by an entire subterranean ecosystem of primitive mammals—some intelligent, others savage, all beyond the reach of today’s knowledge.

The reader is also thrilled to meet the other Members of Sigma Force again. The newest characters, just didn’t work for me. Could you live forever? Also, the animals all share disturbingly heightened intelligence.

Vice President, and a dark secret hiding in the human genetic code. This priceless object contains a power capable of changing humankind forever.