Blood and Tears. Front Cover. Qutubuddin Aziz. Publications Division, United Press of Pakistan, Bibliographic information. QR code for Blood and Tears. Read about the reality of the fall of Dhaka in and role of India in dismemberment of Pakistan, a story of ‘Blood and tears’ by Qutubuddin. Transition: Ex-diplomat Qutubuddin Aziz passes away on behalf of stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh I found his book Blood and Tears.

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Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Blood and tears

At the Intercontinental Hotel, Awami League gangs tore down all English signs, including the name of the hotel in electric lettering high up on one side of the building. My brother brought water from the pond and some wild fruits. Repatriated to Karachi in OctoberZahid Abdi said: The situation was tense and we had heard of attacks by killer gangs 28 Blood and Tears by Qutubuddin Aziz on non-Bengali homes in many localities of Dacca city.

Thousands of dead bodies were flung into the Karnaphuli river and the Bay of Bengal. From March 16 to 23, while General Yahya and Sheikh Mujib engaged in ding-dong constitutional negotiations, the Awami League continued to operate its parallel administration and trained its cadres in the use of automatic weapons at a number of training centres in Dacca and its suburbs. I have incorporated in this book the acts of heroism and courage of 12 Blood and Tears by Qutubuddin Aziz those brave and patriotic Bengalis who sheltered and protected, at great peril to themselves, their terror-stricken non-Bengali friends and neighbours.

A jingo barked out the order that Bengalis and non-Bengalis should fall into separate lines. In the third week of Marcha gang of armed Awami Leaguers raided and looted her house. Siddiki as the “Butcher of Chittagong”.

Qutubuddin Aziz (Author of Quaid-I-Azam Jinnah and the Battle for Pakistan)

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Nothing quite whets the appetite for rare and collectible books quutubuddin old and vintage cookbooks. Life has been a torment for me since then ” Saira Khatoon, 35, who lived in Mirpur in Dacca, gave this account of the murder of her husband, Abdul Hamid, in the March carnage of non- Bengalis in Dacca: The Awami Leaguers were inciting the Bengali labourers to kill the non Bengalis.

The White Paper on the East Pakistan crisis, published by the Government of Pakistan in Augustfailed to make any significant international impact. In the last week of Marcha killer gang looted many non- Bengali houses in Keraniganj and Munshiganj and murdered some non- Bengali men.


It was July We were told that any one found escaping would be shot. Some 30 Bengali gunmen led us through swampy ground towards a deserted school building. Blood and Tears by Qutubuddin Aziz. The next morning I saw the dead bodies of the six other Pathans whom the rebels had killed at night after their ammunition was exhausted.

They included rifles, mortar bombs and hand grenades all of which, the Army said, bore markings proving qutubiddin were manufactured in India ” London’s Daily Telegraph, in its issue of April 7,carried a report from its qutubddin correspondent in Dacca, quoting a native of Dundee: Operation Zarb e Azb initiated. Some 20 armed men raided my house soon after his death, and looted every article of value. After they qytubuddin ravished the girls, the killers shot them and half a anx other women and children.

In the third week of March, some armed Bengali thugs had looted my house in the Bashabo locality near Kamlapur station in Dacca.

Another gang of armed Bengalis drove us to a large building where some Bihari women and children, whose husbands had been kidnapped for murder, were lodged. Armed thugs, claiming links with the Revolutionary Action Groups set up by the Awami League, extorted money from affluent non-Bengalis.

Warehoused munition in the Port area was looted by the rebels. No midwife was available and my husband helped me at child birth.

Takbeer e Musalsal Zaid Hamid’s Personal Blog: Blood and Tears – Qutubuddin Aziz

We qutubuddiin on this repast for three days. The forced exit of the foreign news corps from Dacca, the ire and anger of these qutubhddin newsmen over their banishment from East Pakistan and the reluctance of the American and the British newspapers to give credence to the censored despatches from Karachi on the military operations in the eastern half of the country prevented, to a great extent, the world-wide publication of the harrowing details of the bloodbath undergone by the non-Bengali population in the Awami League’s March uprising.

Reports of a forest- fire of loot, arson and murder in almost every town of East Pakistan worried the federal government and the Army’s Eastern Command in Dacca. Four of the gunmen took for their loot two young fears women and raped them inside the empty bus.

On qutubuddkn way towards the side lane, I saw a few wounded men sprawled on the roadside. In the evening, I was stunned when some Civil Defence workers brought me his battered dead body. The killer gang asked us to utter a few sentences in Bengali which we did. Tearw federal Army’s crackdown on the Bengali insurgents in Dacca showed that the Awami Leaguers, while engaged in talks with General 19 Blood and Tears by Qutubuddin Aziz Yahya, were collecting guns and ammunition and making explosives for the anticipated showdown with the federal army.


They had dumped the bodies, she said, into a hastily dug pit at the boood of the office building “My orphaned children and I lived for two years in the Red Cross Camp.

Persecution in Paksey Agony of wailing non-Bengali widows and orphans herded in mosque — year-old boy esapes massacre with little sister — adult male non-Bengalis killed.

But my husband had escaped their murderous search.

He escaped the slaughter of the non-Bengalis in the crowded New Market locality of Dacca on March quyubuddin, and was sheltered by a God-fearing Bengali in his shop.

There were some 35 foreign newsmen on the prowl in Dacca right up to March 26, Early in Decemberher husband had gone on a business visit to Chittagong. Future of Pakistan Insha Allah. The eye-witnesses, whose tragic accounts of their splintered and trauma- stricken lives are contained in this book, were picked from amongst nearly families repatriated to Pakistan from Bangladesh between the autumn of and the spring of The Tdars of lies, which surged across the columns of India’s Press and the air-waves of All India Radio, such as the cock-and-bull story of the imaginary slaying of General Tikka Khan by a Bengali rebeloriginated from the fertile imagination of a group of Indian propagandists and Bengali rebels who operated a psychological warfare outfit in Calcutta.

I presume that the thugs killed him. But neither the world press nor the press in West Pakistan reported the gory carnage of the innocents which had made them fugitives from the Awami Leagues grisly terror.

On December 23,I gave birth to a baby girl. Late at night, I heard the screams and shouts for help in Urdu of a girl who was being ravished by her captors in a dark place close to the shop where I was hiding. For a perspective, rea I was seated in the front portion teaars the bus and I saw that the killer gang had guns, scythes and daggers.