Title: Blind Sight by Devin Knight Medium: Complete Routine Arena: Mentalism, parlor. Available: Any shop, distributed by Murphys Magic. magic tricks forum – Blindsight by Devin Knight They Say: One of the most talked about effects at the Mindvention. It virtually fooled. Buy Blindsight by Devin Knight: Magic Kits & Accessories – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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Blind Sight by Devin Knight Medium: The performer is left clean.

Blind-sight Outdone (with gimmicks) by Devin Knight – Trick

A very commercial effect in which your participant correctly guesses the value of 4 currency bills sealed inside opaque coin envelopes.

Blindsight by Devin Knight. I have always liked ‘telecard’, which many magicians dismiss since it is cheap and used to come in magic sets. Of course, someone next to blind person will have to read the note inside the devij.

Magic Tricks

The performer has the participant mix the four envelopes. The handling is designed in such a way that spectators and magicians will be unable to backtrack and discover the method. I found myself wanting to fast forward to the revelation but there wasn’t much of one.

This is kight in full view, so the participant can see knigh word being written. He then showed me the method and I was the perfect mark! See a site map. I prefer to touch my audience on a whole other level.


Here are the facts: Performer fans the envelopes blnidsight allowing the person to see the names written on each envelope. I have to admit I haven’t yet performed it for a paying audience but I will. Do not confuse this with the original Blindsight.

This site uses cookies for the purposes indicated in cookie policy. Magician states he only needs three envelopes for the first part and for the person to remove one envelope and place it off to the side. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Despite his best efforts, he invariably miscalls some blindsihht the colors. They appear to have a similar feel despite them being very different to one another.

Please try your search again later. The performer shows four manila envelopes. The first was Farsight and was a runaway hit.

Blind-sight Outdone (with gimmicks) by Devin Knight – Trick

All the colors written on the faces of the envelopes are freely shown. Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Thanks for posting it.

You ask him to point to any envelope. Look what others are saying: This won’t mean much for anyone who does not have the effect, but for those who do. Having the knowledge of the original Blindsight and its variants, I could not fathom how Outdone degin be achieved.

Next the envelopes are held up one at a time in front of the participant. The patter length was intentional as I prefer to set the stage for each effect, get the audience into the story, and interact with the crowd instead of just trying to fool them. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. You write “Blue” on the envelope. The performer shows the back of the chart which has been in full view containing the list of colors. The spectators can see it is empty.


Magician states he only needs three envelopes for the first part and for the person to remove one envelope and place it off to the side. The props are basic, so basic in fact that they invite little suspicion to start with but Devin has done a really sound job in introducing various handling subtleties to throw the sharp eyed spectator off the scent and to iron out any wrinkles, that you just have to stand and marvel at a such a consummate craftsman at work. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

Devin has obviously spent a lot of time and energy perfecting this effect. This effect was part of a complete show that was done at a magic shops “open House” I didn’t know what type of audience I would have so I did a little of everything.

Assume he says Blue. Little Door by R. I may have to revisit this as I was impressed by Far Sight.