An indispensable guidebook to the Soul Society, Color Bleach+: The Bleach Official Bootleg takes you behind the scenes in the shadowy world of the Soul. So, after reading the translated Karaburi, it was brought to my attention that Hisagi Shuuhei, wants to impress e of his. Author: Tite Kubo 久保 帯人. Published: ISBN Publisher: Shueisha, Jump Comics. Language: Japanese. Usually at the end of the manga are.

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Suzumebachi Command to release: Tsuhokura Rin An underling staff who likes sweet food. Amongst the servants, they dub this phenomenon as the “mystery of the Kuchiki household”.

He mistook dried taro for dried persimmon on one occasion and ate it, thus resulting in his dislike for dried taro. He is always a bosom friend to Captain Aizen.

Yoruichi during the time when she was the commander-in-chief. Tea session held once a month Speciality: Kay sincere wrote – 12 – 04 Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni Squad flower: No problem, enjoy the information bleah the crack. I’m going to spend the morning devouring the little details. I don’t understand Japanese so unable to get the book and no other translated version of it, in the market.


Her drinking pals are Shuuhei and Shunsui.

Bleach: Official Bootleg KaraBuri+

Sodeno Shirayuki Command to release: Ashisogijizou Command to release: Character Description Though she is not a seated officer, she is a female warrior who has the powers of those in high-level seats. Sun Feb 17, 3: Incidentally, the first edition of “Using Arms as My Pillow” had lesser copies printed as compared to photograph collections by other captains, and as to why it was not reprinted now, he probably doesn’t know too.

During the time when Kenpachi is taking his afternoon nap, Yachiru spends the free time outside to play. His height increase is a cause of concern for his subordinates.

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In the serialized article published in Seireitei Communication called, “Effective Medication for the Brain”, the actual steps on how to prepare the medicine and how the experiments are carried out are reported in great detail. Likes strong flavoured food. His overall abilities are no doubt top class even among the Gotei 13 squad captains.

She likes Japanese dance; aside from the Shihakushou Shinigami uniformshe places orders for kimono with the drapers and has quite a wide range of kimono in her possession. Translated by Kumanri of NarutoFan Forum.


Anaree Funny, Hitsugaya hates dried persimmons, yet Gin and Rangiku love them. He and Kuchiki Rukia are related as childhood friends. During Hinamori’s hospitalization, Nanao visits her frequently and will bring some books along in each visit.

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Shiba Kaien Personal Data Birthdate: However, the true authority in the division probably lies in the hands of the vice-captain Special Information Top Secret Though his interest is in bonsai, the 0 artistic sense Ukitake has no idea where and how to trim a bonsai plant.

He was also an excellent calligraphy lecturer. Sasakibe Choujirou Personal Data Birthdate: The same blood flows in Nemu and Captain Kurotsuchi, hence be it interest or how to spend free time, she will have many similarities as Captain Kurotsuchi. Shinsou Command to release: Komamura Sajin Squad flower: Hiyosu Chief Scientist in the Development Bureau with eyes that fly out when he senses bbleach good. The battle worn veteran positioned on the top rung of Gotei 13 squads.