Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. On practical Occultism, as defined by Blavatsky, supported by quotes and articles by her theosophical contemporaries, like Damodar, W.Q. Judge and Subba. Quotes from Classic Theosophical writers like H.P. Blavatsky, W.Q. Judge, the Mahatmas Koot Hoomi and Morya and others. Practical Occultism. Col. Wr. XIII, p.

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They will simply, by a strong effort of will, put down the fierce flames and keep them at bay within their natures, allowing the fire to smoulder under a thin layer of ashes. And his success or failure depends upon his capacity for the assimilation of the Abstract Truth his higher sense perceives.

Blavatsky on healing] It is equally dangerous to saturate a nervous patient’s brain with mesmeric fluid of some powerful mesmerizer or “healer” [as it is to overdose it with electricity], as is often done by thoughtless tyros in magnetism.

Practical Occultism

When they do arise, it blavatsy because he is ignorant about something. Occultism teaches its votaries what sort of training will bring on [the right] development. As he is in a mortal body he is practkcal by doubts which will spring up. But the fight for freedom will, after all, have to be fought by the patient himself. These 12 extracts are taken from among some 73 rules, to enumerate which would be useless as they would be meaningless in Europe.

One could be confined in a prison and yet be a worker for the cause. This is occultusm slavery, but no healthy growth. If you can succeed in looking at it blavatskh as just what you in fact desir- ed, 1 then it will act not only as a strengthener of your thoughts, but will act reflexly on your body and make it stronger.

It the heart must be full of the feeling of its non-separateness from the rest of beings as from all in Nature ; otherwise no success can follow. See Aitareya Brahmana by Haug. Occultism is not magic.

Published by USA: Neither is occultism the pursuit of happiness, as men understand the word; for the first step is sacrifice, the second, renunciation. And in our failure to perform set occultosm should be our greatest help, for we can in no other way learn that calmness which Krishna insists upon. But no sooner is he ” accepted ” than his personality must disappear, and he has to become a mere beneficent force in Nattire.

If some particular prepara- tion attracts your palate, do not allow yourself to be seduced into taking it simply to gratify that craving. About such men as Appolonius, Iamblichus, Plotinus and Porphyry, there gathered this heavenly nimbus.


Practical Occultism by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Blavatsky answers in part: This last word is certainly misleading, translated as it stands from the compound word Gupta- Vidya, ” Secret Knowledge. The correct comprehension of the law of Karma is entirely opposed to the idea.

Yoga exacts certain conditions which will be found described at p. No animal food of whatever kind, nothing that ovcultism life in it, should be taken by the disciple. What percentage of love and care will there remain to bestow on the ” great orphan “?

Thou shalt impress upon their minds that whatever hurts one should hurt the others; and if the rejoicing of one finds no echo in the breasts of the others, then the required conditions are absent, and it is useless to proceed.

Like the shadow projected by man, it follows his movements and impulses slavishly and mechanically, and leans therefore to matter without ever ascending to Spirit. For a problem viewing one of our documents — or to report an error in a document — send a note to the webmaster at webmaster theosophical.

Blavwtsky this month’s “Correspondence” several letters testify to the strong impression produced on some minds by our last month’s article, Practi- cal Occultism.

The psychic powers, as they come, must also be used, for they reveal laws. Blavatsky about rites after death] From the occult standpoint. In his onward spiritual progress toward deliverance from the shackles of Maya, the Siddhis come to occultim of themselves.

In so far as acts promote the realisation of our utter inability to emancipate ourselves from conditioned existence, they are of use ; after this stage is realised acts become obstacles rather than helps. He had “forced them into obedience,” and “could evoke spirits” for, occulhism studied and acquainted himself with the ultimate essence of the occult or hidden nature and the respective properties of the elements, he could produce at will the most wonderful manifestations or “occult” phenomena by the combination of such properties, combinations hitherto unknown to the profane, as progressive and exoteric science, which proceeds slowly and cautiously, can marshal its discoveries but one by one and in their successive order, practidal hitherto it has scorned to learn from those who had grasped all the mysteries of nature for long ages before.

And how can it ever attune itself to the divine harmony of the highest Principle, when that harmony pratical destroyed by the mere presence, within the Sanctuary in preparation, of such animal passions? The Dead Sea fruit assumes the most glorious mystic appearance, only to turn to ashes on the lips, and to gall in the heart, resulting in: Let them stop here and attempt no more in their great weakness.

Such holy men pure spiritual influences could approach. Their occultosm have driven away the followers of the only true philosophy upon earth from India and now it is not for the latter to blavatsku to them occhltism for them occulfism come to us if they want us.


The past cannot be changed or amend- ed ; that which belongs to the experi- ences of the present cannot and should not be shunned ; but alike to be shun- ned are disturbing anticipations or fears of the future, and every act or impulse that may cause present or future pain to ourselves or others. The ancients, unlike ourselves, could “try” the spirits and discern the difference between the good and the evil ones, the human and the elemental.

There are ” natural born magicians ” ; Mystics and Occultists by birth, and by right of direct inheritance from a series blsvatsky in- carnations and aeons of suffering and failures.

Radiating around an atmosphere of divine beneficence, they caused evil spirits to flee before them. It is not only useful, but it has now become necessary to dis- abuse most of them, and before it is too late.

Forget yourself in working for others.

Do they still hope to turn thereby the muddy stream of the animal sewer into the crystalline waters of life? For this ” Astral ” — the shadowy ” double ” in the animal as in man is not the companion of the divine Ego but of the earthly body. It is then only that each receives his due of infor- mation, according to the use he has made of his knowledge. In other words, whenever the blavagsky interferes – consciously or unconsciously – with the free mental action of the person he treats, it is – Black Magic.

And once being mistaken and having acted on their mistakes, most men shrink from realizing their error, and thus descend deeper and deeper into the mire. Madame, – In the last issue of your valuable Journal, a member of the New York Theosophical Society seeks to be enlightened as to the cause of a bright spot of light which he has often seen.

It was evolved by the power of their own souls in close unison with their spirits; by the superhuman morality and sanctity of their lives, and occuktism by frequent interior ecstatic contemplation. This self- analysis and bringing practival before the bar of your own conscience facili- tates, in a degree hitherto undreamt of, your spiritual progress. And, although it is the intention that decides primarily whether white or black magic is exercised, yet the results even of involuntary, unconscious sor- cery cannot fail to be productive of bad Karma.

You are a part of the world; in giving it food you feed yourself.