Five Blackwater Employees Indicted on Manslaughter and Weapons Charges for Fatal Nisur Square Shooting in Iraq. Blackwater Founder Erik Prince is seen at his home in Virginia on .. lead to a criminal indictment or other sanctions against the FSG chairman. A grand jury has charged a former Blackwater Worldwide security guard with murder for his alleged role in a shooting of unarmed.

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There was no indication when a new criminal trial would begin.

4 Insights About Blackwater Founder Erik Prince

Smith issued a directive that no U. Prince, through his lawyer, Victoria Toensing, said he has not been informed of a federal investigation and had not offered any defense services in Libya. Undictment with a small cadre of loyalists — including a former South African commando, a former Australian air force pilot, and a lawyer with dual citizenship in the U.

But a federal appeals court later reversed that decision, leading the government to seek a fresh indictment. Prince told colleagues that he received preliminary approval for the border force from a senior Libyan official, but would need to secure European support to loosen up restrictions on Libyan money and weapons, which would otherwise impede the plan, according to a person who discussed the proposal with Prince.

Slattenage 24, of Sparta, Tennessee; Evan S. Story highlights Private security contractors reindicted by grand jury on manslaughter charges Case relates to shooting in that left 17 unarmed Iraqi civilians dead Defendants had denied all charges previously, saying they acted in self defense Incident prompted international outrage as U.


Environmental Degradation and Climate Change. The ground force, according to a person involved with the plan, would consist of a troop of former Australian special operations commandos.

According to the indictment, the defendants were all employed by the Armed Forces outside the United States — that is, the defendants were employed as independent contractors and employees of Blackwater Worldwide, a contractor of the Department of State, to provide personal security services related to supporting the mission of the Department of Defense in the Republic of Iraq, within the meaning of MEJA.

Kohl and Jonathan M. The court ordered a new trial for the fourth contractor. So what is his plan? By all accounts, however, Prince’s proposal was and remains a nonstarter with the president’s national security team, which is dominated by generals with firsthand experience in Afghanistan. By then, the U.

Matthew ColeJeremy Scahill. Under federal law, it’s illegal for a person to receive or possess an automatic weapon that isn’t registered to that person in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record.

Stars Screen Binge Culture Media. If convicted of the charges against them, the defendants face a potential maximum sentence of ten years imprisonment for each count of manslaughter, seven years of imprisonment for each count of attempt to commit manslaughter, and a mandatory minimum imprisonment of 30 years for the firearms count.

Friday’s indictment is the latest bad news for Blackwater, which changed jndictment name to Xe in By exploiting European fears of a mass exodus from the Middle East and North Africa, Prince believed he could obtain indict,ent buy-in from Europe to bring a foreign force into Libya.

The men were re-indicted by a federal grand jury in Washington on various manslaughter charges related to a shooting that left 17 unarmed Iraqi civilians dead and at least 18 others wounded at Nisur Square in Baghdad.


Erik hides in the shadows … and uses [FSG] for legitimacy. Multiple sources, including two people with business ties to Prince, told The Intercept that current government and intelligence personnel informed them of this surveillance. He first rose to prominence with his security firm Blackwater, which blackwxter guard U.

In a June interview, Jackson was asked the reason for the deal: Prince has long been interested in raising a private military force to battle Islamic militant groups in bkackwater variety of countries. Ridgeway, age 35, of California.

Blackwater founder enters video game business. Prince accused the Obama administration of revealing his identity in intelligence surveillance reports and said, “They tried to create some nexus to Russia from me doing a business meeting somewhere. Eventually, the blakwater Navy SEAL and self-proclaimed American patriot began building close business ties with powerful individuals connected to the Chinese Communist Party.

4 Insights About Blackwater Founder Erik Prince : NPR

Heardage 27, of Maryville, Tennessee; and Donald W. In Septemberthe deferred charges were dismissed after the U.

Ininsurgents ambushed Blackwater contractors in the Iraqi city of Fallujah and strung up the charred bodies from a bridge over the Euphrates River. Four former Blackwater indictmsnt security contractors faced new federal charges on Thursday, the latest chapter in a controversial political and diplomatic case over a deadly Iraqi War incident.